Thanksgiving is almost here, so let’s talk turkey. Anyone who has ever tried to get a good look at a wild turkey knows they have incredible eyesight. One moment you’re looking at a big bird; then you blink your eyes, and it’s gone. You swear you didn’t move a muscle, but obviously you did. Read more

For our state’s sportsmen and women this week is the big dance, the main event, the season we all look forward to every year – the opening of buck season. From new hunters to the old-seasoned deer camp veterans, this season is special to all involved and is a great celebration of our state a… Read more

With another hunting season quickly approaching, there is much preparation involved in getting everything ready for that opening day. There is even more preparation if the hunt takes place out of state. I’ve been fortunate to hunt the big whitetails of Saskatchewan and a do it yourself mule … Read more

For nearly 25 years, unpredictable fluctuations of ruffed grouse populations in the Appalachian region have frustrated wildlife biologists in many states. Known for five- or six-year population cycles in northern states characterized by evergreen and aspen forests, ruffed grouse populations … Read more

FOR West Virginians, the heritage and traditions of hunting and fishing run deep through our hills and it is simply part of our culture. Many like me in this state grew up within a community of others who hunted and fished and it was a way of life that bound the people and the community to t… Read more

My partner and I looked down on the hunter lying on the ground before us. He had a bullet wound in his lower back and had been dead for about 24 hours. The search party that found the hunter stood well back as we went over the scene. I remember it got very quiet and you could only hear a few… Read more

With archery seasons starting here in West Virginia next month, my backyard has been the local hangout for young bowhunters and my son practicing shooting their bows. I love the energy and anticipation towards the archery opener seen through the eyes of youth. With each and every arrow relea… Read more

morgantown — Perhaps the most interesting aspect of this year’s opening matchup with Tennessee in Charlotte is the contrast — or the similarities — between West Virginia’s Dana Holgorsen and Tennessee’s Jeremy Pruitt. Read more

Throughout my career as a hunter and someone employed by the outdoor industry, I have hunted in many areas of the country. In doing so, one of the most time-consuming tasks after the tag has been drawn and the hunting license was purchased is the reading and understanding of the state’s hunt… Read more

Shorter days and chilly mornings signal curious naturalists that certain predictable natural phenomena are about to unfold. Brilliant goldenrod turns old fields into seas of sunshine. Tree leaves have begun to morph into their fall colors glory. Look for red maples, sassafras, and poison ivy… Read more

A small part of me is saddened with the news that summer is slipping away. With kids heading back to school, fall sports under way and August rounding the bend into September, the days of summers are winding down. Read more

Tomorrow evening marks the start of a three month stretch of high school football. Over an 11-week span, there will be approximately 180 games played by area teams. Read more

morgantown — Damon Cogdell has been the gift that keeps on giving for West Virginia University, although we may now be reaching the end of the line with his last prodigy: offensive tackle Yodny Cajuste. Read more

Your first kiss, your first car and your first dog are things you don’t forget. Although it has been rumored I may not remember some things as well as I used to, there is one thing I will never forget. Read more

One of my favorite things about taking the Saturday Morning Quarterbacks podcast on the road this summer is the sights colleague Rusty Udy and I have been able to see. We’ve watched the practice and preparation it takes as programs look to rebuild or maintain a playoff standard.  Read more

Insect population size is directly related to environmental temperatures. As springtime temperatures warm to reach summer highs, insects become increasingly abundant. Recall the drone of cicadas on hot summer days. Read more

It’s hard to believe that July is over and August is already here. Schools are starting back and summer vacations will come to an end. Every year when August rolls around, the thoughts of another hunting season enter my mind. Read more

morgantown — West Virginia has begun its preseason football camp, which leads one to begin thinking of what it really takes to win a conference championship. Read more

In the midst of my mid-summer grind of homeowner chores, work-related projects and simply life, Mother Nature threw me a bone. And boy, could I use one at the particular time in my life. Read more

The phrase “four-letter word” has a naughty connotation. But there are good four-letter words, too. Here are a few four-letter verbs that guarantee year-round outdoor fun. Read more

There’s nothing like a good adventure and visiting new places for the first time. I’m fortunate in that I’ve had the opportunity to travel all around this great state. There’s literally a weekend adventure awaiting right out our backdoors. Read more

Since technology has made it possible to spy on nesting birds, nest cams enable anyone with an internet connection to watch behaviors that heretofore were impossible to observe. That’s why in recent years I have recommended a variety of active nest cameras to watch and listen as birds hatch … Read more

The curtain has dropped on A Military Tribute at The Greenbrier, and while the tournament may not have had its characteristic nailbiting finish, it was full of excitement nonetheless.  Read more

white sulphur springs — Another year is in the books for A Military Tribute at The Greenbrier, its first under the new moniker. From a competition standpoint, there’s an argument that the tournament’s never been better as 13 players came into Sunday’s final round within four shots of the lea… Read more

white sulphur springs — As the anticipation for the 2018 installment of A Military Tribute at The Greenbrier was building, one question remained above all — would Phil Mickelson be coming?  Read more

I’m glad my dad took the time to take me fishing when I was a young pup. Growing up through grade school and junior high, I was really into sports, and fishing time was limited, but always fun. By the time I got in high school I realized I enjoyed hunting and fishing so much that I opted to … Read more

Things ain’t like they used to be, forgive my grammar. I would say if you are over 40 years old it is much more likely you automatically took to hunting and fishing as a kid than kids do now. Since 1991 the percentage of the population in America that hunts has declined from 7.3 to 4.4. Read more

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Whether you are a duck hunter, a birder, a visitor to one of our National Wildlife Refuges, a stamp collector or simply a person who reveres conservation and wants to pay money for wildlife in the form of future investment, buying a duck stamp only makes sense. Read more

morgantown — June has turned to July, which is baseball time and it is difficult to enter the heat of summer and pennant races without tracking down one of baseball’s best ambassadors, a man who threw so many games you wondered if he would need an arm transplant after his career ended but wh… Read more

As is often the case, hummingbirds have me perplexed this year. A female returned to my feeders on May 3. Throughout the remainder of May, I saw a single hummer just four or five times. I feared it would be a dismal year for hummers here on the ridge. Read more

As an avid fisherman, there’s nothing more relaxing than spending an evening on the river. It’s even better when you have the whole place to yourself. I’ve found that some of my best fishing days occur when I arrive with no expectations. Read more

I have been tracking a deer for most of my life and I may be getting close. Not just any deer you understand, not the local whitetails with big gnarly antlers that so many of my buddies lust after. Read more

Summertime is upon us in West Virginia. The long, hot days of summer bring the freedom to enjoy the summertime traditions of pool parties, lake days, outdoor dining and barbecues, family reunions and vacations — all to be enjoyed in the hot rays of the summer’s sun. Read more

Now that kids are home from school, get them outdoors and away from their electronics. Make this the summer of nature. Exploring fields, woods, and streams is a great way to spend quality time with your children. It just requires a few simple tools. Read more

Being a dad can be complicated. There are days we stand in victory formation for all the world to see while other days, well, aren’t the ones for the highlight reel. That’s simply part of it and being a dad is a wonderful part of life. To celebrate all things dad and to honor fatherhood, we … Read more

I’m often asked when and how I developed my interest in nature. The “when” is easy. For as long as I can remember I’ve loved animals of all kinds. As soon as I learned to read, I’d spend hours with encyclopedias and any other books that included pictures and stories about animals. Read more

After 10 months of high school and college sports, the final bell has rung, concluding the 2017-2018 school year for all of the area student-athletes. For me, this is a familiar feeling, being only 18 months removed from college — one of relief, but also one of reflection. Read more

For those of us who cherish the outdoor lifestyle, there are moments throughout the year that we simply look forward to. These moments, often not planned, remind us of something prior in our world that invokes joy. Although we may know roughly the season or time of year, the actual day the m… Read more

‘Tis the season to enjoy large, winged creatures on the back porch. And I’m not referring to birds. I’m describing some of the more conspicuous giant silk moths. Read more


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