Accomplished Posten hoping for best

Greenbrier West's Kenley Posten (7) blocks an attempt by Greater Beckley Christian's Courtney Green (11) during the Class A Region 3, Section 2 volleyball tournament Nov. 4, 2019, at Greenbrier West. (Jenny Harnish/The Register-Herald)

It's hard to argue with Kenley Posten's body of work.

A first-teamer in softball last season, she's continued to build an impressive resumé this school year, adding a first-team all-state selection in volleyball and a third-team selection in basketball.

All three selections have been merited. She helped lead Greenbrier West to its first softball state tournament berth last spring and followed that act by leading West to the volleyball state tournament for the third straight year. Finally, she helped the girls basketball team to a regional appearance earlier this month, the program's first since 2002.

She was hoping to cap off what's been a stellar career this spring with a return trip to the softball state tournament. But because of the coronavirus pandemic, those plans are on hold and may never come to fruition.

"With this being my senior year it's really taken a toll on my emotions," Posten said. "It really saddens me, but I know there's bigger things to worry about. We need to keep people healthy and that should be the main goal. I got two of my favorite sports in with basketball and volleyball, but I'm still hoping we'll get softball."

On the level of personal accolades, Posten still has hopes of finishing off the senior year all-state sweep, provided spring sports are played. That's not something she imagined even before basketball season.

"I've now done it in all sports," Posten said. "Honestly, though, I wasn't really sure if I'd get it in basketball. There's a lot of competition. We played against a lot of really good teams, so I knew how good everyone else was. I tried to be level headed when thinking about it and I was surprised, but I think getting it helped me a lot, especially now that everything is on hold."

Even though the personal accomplishments are ones she'll hold dear, she hasn't lost sight of those of the team, school and community. She'll remember them fondly if this is a wrap on her athletic career in Charmco.

"It really does mean a lot with us being such a little school," Posten said. "We don't get as much recognition as bigger schools, being in a smaller community. To accomplish what we've been able to with 400 kids, it's awesome. We're a close knit group of kids. It felt more personal being able to accomplish what we have. You walk through the halls every day and see pictures of teams at state tournaments and we don't see that much here, so it's a blessing to be a part of these teams that have made it that far."

Posten has remained optimistic throughout the pandemic, but if anything she's gained a new perspective she'll take throughout her life.

"I try to keep my hopes up," Posten said. "More than anything though, I'm praying it will all straighten out and that we'll all heal by the grace of God and get to play a couple more weeks. I think if anything I've learned not to take it for granted and approach everything like it's your last opportunity."

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