MORGANTOWN — Don Nehlen remembers a game at Bowling Green, a game that was a tough game to lose, much like this past loss Neal Brown and West Virginia had to suffer through at Oklahoma State on Saturday.

ATLANTA (AP) — The Falcons suffered their second straight fourth-quarter collapse after leading by two touchdowns, this time to backup quarterback Nick Foles and the Chicago Bears, who rallied from a 16-point deficit for a 30-26 win on Sunday that could spell the end for Atlanta coach Dan Quinn. Read more

ST. LOUIS (AP) — Harrison Bader tripled and homered to help the St. Louis Cardinals clinch a postseason berth on the final day of the regular season with a 5-2 win over Milwaukee, and the Brewers also earned a playoff spot Sunday via help on the West Coast moments later. Read more

I live in bear country, there is no doubt about it. Maybe it’s because I’m home more during this worldwide pandemic or simply luck is playing a role, but either way my bear encounters so far this season are numerous. Maybe I’m just a bear magnet. Read more

Cade Clemens and Anse Justice are bear hunters. That fact would not be too unusual seeing as how both are from West Virginia and they live in the Appalachian Mountains. We West Virginians pride ourselves that we are a stronghold for hunters and outdoorsmen, and Cade and Anse are every bit of… Read more

MORGANTOWN — While the phrase was popularized by Mark Twain, it was the British prime minister Benjamin Disraeli who originally put forth the quotation “There are three kinds of lies: lies, damn lies and statistics.” Read more

With hunting seasons opening right around the corner, I find myself in a strange transition from summertime to fall. To put things plainly, I’m going from flip-flops to hunting boots and from dreaming of smallmouth bass to wondering if my hunting grounds have any shooter bucks walking around… Read more

morgantown — When West Virginia’s talented defensive line of Darius and Dante Stills and Jeffery Pooler Jr. line up for its first play at Oklahoma State on Saturday there will be a familiar smiling — but snarling — face on the other side of the line. Read more

It’s the first day of squirrel season and I am not in the woods. I have let the threat of a little rain in the forecast keep me from going. I stand on the front porch of the camp with coffee and take in the foggy, misty gray morning. It is no bright and shiny morning with lots of sun, but it… Read more

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