A season the started on a high note with a win over Meadow Bridge has ended on a sour note for the Liberty girls basketball program. 

Last Friday administration decided to call it a season when the roster, which started with nine players, dwindled to just four after several players left the team or were lost to grades.

"Four was all we had left," Liberty athletic director Jim Workman said "We would've tried to power through it with five, but we didn't have enough left with just four."

"I'm sad that this happened," Liberty head coach Denise Arline said.

After the departure of a few players who left the team, Workman took the initiative to hear their concerns.

"I discussed the situation with the players and the coach and Ill leave it at that," Workman said.

Over the last four seasons, success has been hard to come by. 

The Lady Raiders went winless in the 2016-17 and 2017-18 seasons, picking up two wins in the last week of the 2018-19 season, both over the now consolidated Class A Fayetteville. Over that three year period participation has dropped.

As a result of the program folding for the season, the Class AA Region 3, Section 1 tournament which was to be held at Liberty will now be hosted by Wyoming East in February.

Despite the setback and lowpoint for the program, Workman anticipates having a program next year.

"I plan on a full season with a full roster with added success," Workman said.

Arline expects to be back as the head coach next season as well.

"That win over Meadow Bridge earlier in the year is what basketball is supposed to be like," Workman said. "It was fun, exciting and a pleasure to watch and I'd say that even if we lost. It was an enjoyable game and in the future we hope to see more of that."





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