Smilegate Entertainment Officially Launched VR Game ‘Focus on You’ and ‘Rogan: The Thief in the Castle’ Globally

Smilegate Entertainment launched its dating adventure VR game FOCUS on YOU. FOCUS on YOU is a VR game in which player, as a high school student fond of photography, can go on a date with the female character HAN YUA at virtual places including a cafe, school, and resort area, enjoying various activities such as photo shoot together. The VR game differentiates itself with others by allowing players to form a deeper connection to HAN YUA and recall their own first love through a bunch of features like voice recognition, changing clothes, and flashback mode where players can replay certain episodes. FOCUS on YOU is available on PC VR Platforms such as STEAM VR, Oculus, VIVEPORT and can also be played on PlayStation VR. The pricing of the game is US$39.99.