It seems to me that this “new normal” thing is going to happen no matter what we do. At first glance, it’s foundation is based on fear, weakness, extreme sensitivity, and a 90 percent loss of common sense. I don’t like it.

We are devolving into a society that is forgetting how to think for itself and call things like they are or acknowledge established truths that are extremely clear. Of the many on my mind, here are two:

1. People will continue to pour into our country until they are sent back! For now it will only get worse. Claims that it is only seasonal should be called out by the protective press because the numbers are record setting with different demographics. BTW – it’s called human trafficking, not unaccompanied minors.

America is a sovereign nation. Our border should be controlled and enforced. Actions speak louder than words. Even Joe Manchin gets it.

2. Lax election laws disenfranchise the majority. When more people vote in a district than are registered, something is terribly wrong. Also, saying that requiring identification to vote is racist ... that’s racist. For that matter, when everything is racist, nothing is racist.

Civics standards today are being eroded and redefined by a “1984” inspired social media and a disingenuous warped national news media. The one thing we should be most schooled in is our worst subject – the Constitution. Do you know how many rights you have? Only those you know. You give up the rest without a fight.

Words used to have meaning and weight. It seems that with the new normal of today, the only thing that matters are feelings that will surly be different tomorrow.

God help us.

Paul Dorsey

Green Valley


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