West Virginia voters are getting exactly what they deserve – an anti-labor, anti-environment government that does everything it can to hurt the workers and poor of this state.


Legislators have passed anti-labor laws such as the misnamed “right to work” law and eliminated the prevailing wage law. The governor now admits doing so were mistakes that failed.


The Legislature now wants to pass bills that would weaken clean water restrictions presently curtailing polluters. They also want to fine, or possibly fire, teachers who strike for better wages and benefits when history shows this is the only way they can get them in West Virginia. The governor wants to eliminate the personal income tax in West Virginia. This will surely result in raising other taxes such as sales tax on all purchases, passing the burden on to the average citizen and low income workers. Look at what happened to Kansas when they did that. The Republicans say they are doing this in order to lure people into West Virginia.


I wonder how many teachers will want to come to West Virginia, a state that passes laws to punish them for demonstrating. I wonder if parents will want their children to have teachers who’s training requirements have been lowered. How many consumers in the border counties will cross state lines to purchase goods with lower sales taxes?


I have long been disappointed with the West Virginia Democratic Party for not developing quality candidates to run against these regressive Republicans. Democrats seem to lack the initiative to get out the facts about issues that should appeal to workers.


Why aren’t they doing something about redistricting when it helps to elect such people as Brandon Steele, a man who will do anything to keep his name before the public? He is now chairing a committee that wants to dictate how kids wear their hair. This doesn’t even merit discussion, much less a committee. He also forwarded a bill to prevent municipalities from passing laws to eliminate plastic utensils and straws. So far no municipality in West Virginia has even attempted to pass such a bill. As one of his fellow legislators said, this is a solution looking for a problem.


Steele is also the man who blamed the media for the attack on our Capitol. How dare they show it on tv for all to see. Steele is now downplaying the seriousness of Covid-19, almost mocking those who are severely ill or have died from this virus.


If this state wants to attract people to West Virginia, they sure have a strange way of showing it. The people already here are leaving in droves.




Tom Rapp


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