I was so blessed to hear this story that I wanted to share it.

“We were on our last vacation before school started. There were seven of us, my family and my sister’s family. It was hot that day, must have been about 90 degrees, when we had car trouble. It happened under an underpass so we had shade, Praise God.

“I had been on the phone with my insurance company for several hours, but they were having trouble finding a wrecker. Just then my phone died. Stranded! No car, no phone!

“A stranger, James, pulls in and says he saw us stranded and even though he was north bound, he exited, picked up drinks for us and came back to ask if he could help. Before the phone died, we had arranged for a rental car, but they were closing in less than an hour. This stranger offered to drive my brother-in-law to the car rental place.

“When he got there the rental place would not take cash or a debit card. Meanwhile… a lady, Meagan, stops and tells us that James sent her to give us a ride and that they would be on shortly.

“Who does this? Yes, we were cautious; we decided to wait there until my brother-in-law got back. Meagan waited with us and sure enough he pulled in, not in a rental car, but in a truck that James had loaned him. We piled into the vehicles and headed off. I envisioned them taking us to the next exit, but they took us to our motel an hour and a half away. James then took my husband and brother-in-law back to pick up my car. Why would total strangers do this? These two kind people would not take any money, they didn’t want anything.

“James told us he would keep my car at his house until we were ready to go home. On the day we were leaving, we arranged to meet a friend who would haul our car and take us home. Unfortunately, that plan fell through, so James told us to drive his vehicle home and he would haul our car home for us the next day.

“I talked with Meagan again after getting home and told her that I didn’t know why they stopped but that I knew they were sent by God. I told her that ‘God is good!’ And she replied ‘All the time!’ I’m not sure why this happened but I know God and his earthly angels were watching over us.”

What an encouraging story. God will take care of us. It pays to know Jesus.

Bonnie Galford


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