After reading Tom Rapp’s letter, I was angry, but then I had to laugh at such ignorance. He called Trump supporters spineless and racist, so I’ll be nice and just call him ignorant.

The Democratic Party founded racism. The Democrats fought the Civil War to protect and preserve slavery. The Republican Party was formed to abolish slavery. Thank God the good guys won, but that didn’t stop the Democrats. They soon formed their terrorist wing, the KKK, to force Black and white Republicans to vote Democrat, and then later came the Democrats’ Jim Crow laws. Why, our own senator, Robert “Sheets” Byrd, was grand wizard of the KKK, whom I’m sure Tom voted for many times, despite the many atrocities that Byrd must have committed to reach such a high level in the KKK.

I can proudly say that I never voted for the klansman, but I guess we will forgive you, Tom, for supporting a klansman.

Tom, you’re just going to have to accept that West Virginia is a deep red state and will never be run by the racist Democrats again. You all have a nice day.

Bryan Chandler


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