To the thieves who emptied my van: It’s my fault for being sick and accidentally hitting unlock on the key fob and not re-checking as is my habit. That would be when you came along.

After I worked for hours on e-learning assignments with my son and go into work on Saturday because that’s our only income because my husband is looking for work (since June), I should never have been too tired to carry in the duffle bag I’d been using for all of the papers (bills, utilities, tax forms, etc from the last year). The cop said you used it to empty my purse and laptop into. I shouldn’t have forgotten those were in the van. I need those papers to prove who I am to get back my license, voter card, etc.

Because of my stupidity, I deserve to lose my adopted son’s letters on the thumb drive you took. I was about to back this year’s set up to the cloud.

Be pleased that your actions mean I work outside without gloves but thank you for leaving my ice scraper and the stamps and envelopes from the laptop case.

Thank you for the continuing stress headaches, loss of joy I briefly had that Christmas was coming despite missing my father-in-law who died last January. Thank you for the loss of sleep and hatred of myself.

Thank you for nearly costing me my job because I lost my work keys, costing my employer money to change the locks and replace other items.

I can’t work from home because I can’t afford a another laptop.

I’m sure your need was greater than mine.

I hope the gift cards and cash people at church gave us to help at the holidays are exactly what you need to survive. I would have rather given the money to you than have you take my papers, duffle and certain precious but – for you – unimportant items.

Maybe you’ll pay some of the hospital bills you stole. I can’t. Your Christmas gifts to me have been great and I hope you get what you deserve.

Jane Dodd



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