As an independent, the election results have concerned me. Why, because I believe Trump won the election. So how do I arrive at my conclusion? I see a lot of mail-in ballots mailed to prospective voters with little or no cross checks. In other words there is no way to check the accuracy of the vote and without this fraud is prevalent.

How do I know this, because a lot of whistleblowers have come forward. Where there is smoke there always is fire.

For four years, the media has been against Trump, and essentially never gave him a fair chance always painting a negative picture of him. Voting in the past has always followed the debates so we can judge the candidates before going to the polls. But because of the virus this didn’t happen.

I also see a state, Pennsylvania, that changed the rules of the election about 8 months before the election to favor Biden. Just think for a minute that if this is the way future elections will be run, we will soon be a one party country with only one view. In other words, there will be no cross checks or balances, and without this a one party system cannot survive.

So, my fellow Americans, wake up and see what is happening, because life as it existed in the past, which made our country great, will soon be lost. I have no problem voting for a Democrat providing he is sharp, accepts American values and supports the Constitution.

If you think this is bad, consider what happens if Bidden has to resign and Harris takes over.

Robert Morgan



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