Unity is agreement, harmony, according to dictionary definitions. There is a time and place for some diversity and some differences can blend, making the whole stronger and better. However, without bounds, unlimited diversity will destroy harmony and agreement. You don’t mix highly volatile ingredients in a fragile untempered glass bowl without problems.

Someone described union as tying two cats tails together, you have union but not unity. The lack of unity is not rooted in racial, religious, economic, educational, geographical, cultural, age or biological-psychological differences. It transcends all those and it is egocentrism, very close to worship of one’s self or one’s desires without regard to the morals of the Lord God who created them. 

A person using this thinking will even twist Scripture to fit their own ideas. It is also a negative form of pride.

God’s chosen nation, Israel, at times rejected God. The book of Judges records a period of this. After a particularly violent incident, Judges 21:25 states “... everyone did that which was right in his own eyes”

America has forsaken the moral law of the Bible. We have condoned killing babies before birth and called it choice (Judges 21:25).

We have sanctioned hastening the end of life that God gave and can take away and called it euthanasia (Judges 21:25). We have humored psychologically confused people, withholding the counseling they need to find out how to live as the man or woman, boy or girl the Lord endowed them with the DNA of (Judges 21:25). We have vilified those who have more than we do (Exodus 20:17 commandment against coveting) or have less than we do (Proverbs 22;16)

We have condoned filth on the air waves, citing free speech, with television programs promoting all the above and ridiculing traditional Christian values. But there is no law prohibiting self-restraint of entertainers, producers and sponsors. Also, we don’t have to watch it.

Just as Israel found redemption after exile and repentance, it may not be too late for everyone to “... humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land.” (II Chronicles 7:14). 


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