Richard Bradford, from September 1966 to June 1970 and I went to four junior high schools in Virginia, two of which are in York County with Yorktown as the county seat. Read more

Every county is red: 68 percent of West Virginia voters pulled the lever for President Trump in 2016. While Trump has been in office, one in five Democrats in the state havs walked away from the party that has abandoned them and their core beliefs. At the same time, the Republican party grew… Read more

When God made the soul He made it in two parts, one half male and one half female, and it was made in his image. Usually at birth the soul splits in half with half going into a male and the other half going into a female. While on earth the two parts of the soul are separated and will not be… Read more

Our country is headed down a path we may not recover from. We are no better than those who promote the hatred if we blindly follow along. We see the old guard of the Left who have served but refuse to leave. They insert their way and meddle to divide to get their way. They feel they are not … Read more

If you are voting for Trump because he is a Republican, he’s not. He has changed parties five times since 1987. He has no loyalty to any party or anyone but himself. Read more

Some months ago, I wrote a letter to this paper shortly after returning from my winter stay in Athens, Greece. I compared the actions taken by the Greek government to combat the Coronavirus there with what was being done in the United States. In summary, I explained that while aggressive act… Read more

If there ever was a time for people to get out and vote, it is this upcoming 2020 election. Best to take a long hard look at each candidate to see what their platform represents. The line is very clear between the Republican and Democratic parties. Read more

I’m sorry that President Trump got Covid-19 and hope he recovers quickly, but I’m also mad at him for being so irresponsible – for minimizing the risks of the virus that has caused the death of over 214,000 Americans, for putting so many of his supporters, secret service agents, and associat… Read more

In the face of raging wildfires, record hurricanes and extreme droughts and floods, the Trump Environmental Protection Agency has rolled back methane emission standards for gas and oil fields. Following seven other such exemptions, plus multiple subsidies for fossil fuels and suppression of … Read more

When God is taken out, we see him replaced with the devil in disguise. We have the vengeance, the primitive behavior and lack of humanity. The cowardly assassinations, the blocking of exits to hold police captive to be burned alive, the emergency entrances blocked when wounded police are bro… Read more

There are so many reasons why West Virginia needs a new attorney general. Foremost among these is that in the midst of a deadly pandemic, incumbent Patrick Morrisey is suing to dismantle the law that provides health care despite pre-existing conditions to half a million citizens of our state… Read more

They call me the Mothman. Proud West Virginians built me a statue and raised me up to the stars. Strange beings, these humans. Somewhere back in time we had a common ancestor. If there’s a god he must be laughing. They call me adorable. Little do they know. Read more

The Massa Complex, based on Blacks’ psychopolitical needs, is best exemplified by Joe Biden. Usually such white men are seen as sympathetic figures (a residue of white paternalism internalized by Blacks), having bestowed some “benefit” on Blacks or having displayed other than hostile interes… Read more

Akbar the great, self-styled King of Kings and thus of America, loved to ride through his cities crying out, “Make America great again! Make some noise, my subjects! Noise is life, silence is death. There will be time for us all to be quiet when we are safely dead.” Read more

“Soul Full Of Coal Dust,” a significant book about black lung in southern West Virginia, is available for purchase. It is a wonderfully detailed book about one man’s fight for black lung benefits and the kitchen table attorney and saint who made it his fight. Read more

Voting is a right guaranteed by the 15th and 19th amendments to the U.S. Constitution. Countless men and women served, fought and died defending this right. Read more

Since Gator Williams mentioned me in his last article to the newspaper, I feel I have to explain why Robert C. Byrd came into discussion through me. Mr. Williams, you missed the whole point of my article. The only reason I mentioned his name is because I was pointing out the fact that no one… Read more

Each state is represented by two statues in the National Statuary Hall Collection. West Virginia is represented by Francis Pierpont, the state’s founding father, abolitionist and the only governor of the Restored State of Virginia. And John Kenna, a once-popular senator who is now largely unknown. Read more

I was very disappointed to read in this morning’s Register-Herald that Doug Epling has spoken out against a solar farm in Raleigh County. Mr. Epling, who I hear is a fine fellow, seems to be part of the “coal only” group that continues to have its heads stuck deeply in the sand. Read more

Following the lead of the NFL team in Washington D.C., it occurred to me that there are several offensive symbols right here in southern West Virginia. The Greenbrier East High School mascot must change. How can anyone be proud of being a Spartan when Spartans owned slaves? Also, has anyone … Read more

There was turbulence and violence in the Bible and God death was his judgment on all of it. In America today, there will also be judgment. Read more

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