Our nation is in a scary place: Psalm 9:17 “The wicked shall be turned into hell, and all the nations that forget God.” For years our nation has kicked God and the Bible out of every area of life. Sadly, even some pastors have ignored or diluted the word of God to please the people. Read more

For the past few years, oligarchs on the right and anarchists on the left have turned father against mother, brother against sister, child against parent, neighbor against neighbor, and Christian against Christ. Read more

As a teacher, I told my son at 16, you will need to work to help pay for your health care. We are lucky enough that we can pull our resources together and pay for what we need. Unfortunately, it always hasn’t been easy, especially since I was a widow for so many years of his diagnosis. No ch… Read more

The debate has started again as to whether the U.S. Constitution should be amended in order to change the presidential election process. Some promote eliminating the Electoral College in favor of a direct popular vote for president while others believe the Electoral College should remain unc… Read more

I was in Fayetteville yesterday, when I saw a big white pickup with a large flag posted in the bed. The flag read “F*** Biden. Not My President.” (The actual flag wasn’t edited.) Read more

Thank goodness southern West Virginia has one delegate who shows some concern. For the people, Mick Bates is absolutely correct in calling for oversight on how federal funds to this state are spent. He is also right about the need for the state public services commission to oversee companies… Read more

Last December, my husband and I moved to Beckley from Hermosa Beach, Calif. When I explain to those in the community our situation, the first question they always ask is, “Why would you want to move here?” Read more

We are seeing the fading of Democracy in our country as it was founded. We are seeing our rights be whittled away that our founding fathers thought they had protected America from. Read more

Kudos go to the bipartisan support for the future of humanity in space. And to clear away a common complaint from some West Virginian taxpayers: Why must money be wasted on useless space ventures when those billions could be used for worthier causes like medical research, poverty, infrastruc… Read more

I love America. I would have never dreamed we would be seeing the battle to save her as we and our forefathers knew her. An opinion piece published in “Our Readers Speak” back in November of 2003 quoted a speech that was given by Lenin in 1917, just before World War I. Here is part of what T… Read more

Folks, I believe the NAACP is right in trying to get WV Attorney General Patrick Morrisey disbarred and removed from office. I also believe Morrisey should be disbarred and removed. Read more

I find it ironic that Congresswoman Miller now is calling for unity, saying Congress should not impeach and convict President Trump for his seditious actions of urging his followers to march on the Capitol and be strong, just after Rudy Giuliani called for combat. Read more

There is nothing offensive about West Virginia’s flag, other than how boring it is. Our state has a proud and rich history that should be celebrated in a unique flag we can all be proud of. The current design is dated and does not adequately express our individuality. There are states like N… Read more

The Raleigh County Solid Waste Authority’s School Recycling Program is temporarily on hold due to the Pandemic. We are hoping to restart the program at the beginning of the 2021-2022 school year. The public may continue to recycle using the Recycling Bins which are located outside the E. Pau… Read more

The following advice from President Trump’s former chief of staff, Gen. John F. Kelly, seems very appropriate in these times: “We need to look infinitely harder at who we elect to any office in our land – at the office seeker’s character, at their morals, at their ethical record, their integ… Read more

This world is full of broken dreams, broken homes, and broken hearts because society is disillusioned by evil – rejecting the Christ of Christmas, increasingly becoming secularized, blatantly denying God, legalizing sin, chasing selfish desires, and hating truth. There can be no contentment … Read more

There’s a story told at Christmastime of an old shoemaker and his guests. In the story, it was Christmas Eve and the cobbler had just gotten to sleep when he had a dream that tomorrow the Lord was going to pass by his window and, if he bid him to enter, the Lord would be his guest. How excit… Read more

Since the beginning of time mankind male and female have been warned by God not to cross the line of his commandments and laws. For if they did, there would be serious consequences. Read more

Upon reading the article about Conner Rush who created the video game “Summerland,” I could relate to Conner’s “very strong existential fear of death.” I believe there are multitudes who experience the same emotional trauma when they consider death. It’s usually a topic we bury with the busy… Read more

As an independent, the election results have concerned me. Why, because I believe Trump won the election. So how do I arrive at my conclusion? I see a lot of mail-in ballots mailed to prospective voters with little or no cross checks. In other words there is no way to check the accuracy of t… Read more

We were told that we needed to shut the country down for a couple of weeks to allow time for the hospitals to prepare so that they wouldn’t get overwhelmed. How did we go from flattening the curve to restricting holidays? Read more

As we all live through the Covid-19 pandemic, a segment of the population has been complaining about restrictions on their lifestyles, including limited social contacts, decreased recreational opportunities and wearing face masks. They perceive these aspects as invasion of personal privacy a… Read more

As we look back on America’s founding, it is easy to forget the difficulties and sacrifices our forefathers faced. The Pilgrims sailed across the Atlantic in a small ship whose measurements are estimated as 25 feet by 100 feet. After more than two months at sea, enduring storms in wet, cramp… Read more

Richard Bradford, from September 1966 to June 1970 and I went to four junior high schools in Virginia, two of which are in York County with Yorktown as the county seat. Read more

Every county is red: 68 percent of West Virginia voters pulled the lever for President Trump in 2016. While Trump has been in office, one in five Democrats in the state havs walked away from the party that has abandoned them and their core beliefs. At the same time, the Republican party grew… Read more

When God made the soul He made it in two parts, one half male and one half female, and it was made in his image. Usually at birth the soul splits in half with half going into a male and the other half going into a female. While on earth the two parts of the soul are separated and will not be… Read more

Our country is headed down a path we may not recover from. We are no better than those who promote the hatred if we blindly follow along. We see the old guard of the Left who have served but refuse to leave. They insert their way and meddle to divide to get their way. They feel they are not … Read more

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Should the U.S. Senate convict or acquit former President Trump for inciting an insurrection?

House Democrats began wrapping up their impeachment case against Donald Trump on Saturday after a tumultuous morning in which they gave up a last-minute plan for witness testimony that could have significantly prolonged the trial and delayed a vote on whether the former president incited the deadly Capitol insurrection.

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