Dr. Martin Luther King, the “I Have a Dream” man, preached that all men should live in peace. Make forgiveness a virtue and remembrance a vice. No more violence, white on black or black on white. Omit hatred from everyday life.

Those who care about this country are asking questions. Where is the leadership they promised? Why has the Left turned to such hatred and disrespect of America? Disrespecting the flag, the anthem and representing America abroad. They got the White House and the Senate. Is this the end result… Read more

Would someone with a high position in the national Democratic Party or the national news media please inform people such as Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Bernie Sanders that they are hurting my Democratic Party by calling themselves “Democratic Socialists” when they are not true socialists at… Read more

I’ve encountered side-by-sides three different times already this week, twice on marked two-lane roads and once riding the four-lane in Crab Orchard. The last of the two had four occupants and even had a small child on the driver’s lap pretending to help him drive while it appeared no one wa… Read more

It is about time we recognized the true heroes of the Republican Party. They are not the dopey louts who rampaged through our nation’s capital and the moral cowards who still cover for them. They are not the ranting demagogues exploiting the emotions of the resentful. They were the unsung pe… Read more

Will this country destroy itself from within? Will we continue on the path of destruction? Will we continue to turn our backs on God? Will we continue to murder unborn children? Read more

On July 4th we are celebrating the birth of our nation, a nation that was founded more than 200 years ago. The United States of America has been the brightest beacon of hope and freedom in the world. Our founding fathers built our nation on the principles of life, freedom of speech and relig… Read more

The Covid-19 pandemic caused some degree of devastation to almost everything including attendance at West Virginia Miners baseball games at Linda K. Epling Stadium. Read more

As with West Virginians and their heritage as mountaineers, pioneers and frontiersmen, as well as hillbillies, I think of the issues of coal mining, logging and woodsmen as sportsmen – and I ask why not give back to our heritage after we reap of its natural bounties such as through reclamati… Read more

This is in reference to a letter to the editor (“A reading of history suggests Lincoln espoused racist ideologies,” Tom Rapp, The Readers Speak) stating Lincoln was a racist. While this person seems to know history, there are a few facts that need additional clarification. The Democratic Par… Read more

In America, democracy is an ongoing experiment based on insanity, according to Fox News reporting by Tucker Carlson, Sean Hannity and Laura Ingraham. Read more

“We have forgotten God. We have forgotten the gracious hand, which preserved us in peace and multiplied and enriched and strengthened us, and we have vainly imagined, in the deceitfulness of our hearts, that all these blessings were produced by some superior wisdom and virtue of our own. Int… Read more

In the "How They Voted" article on June 11, 2021 there was not a lot of voting activity to report so I expect most readers may have skimmed over the resolution passed by the Senate (S. Res 229). This resolution expressed solidarity with the Afghan people by recognizing the devastating attack… Read more

On Tuesday, May 18, my husband and I were driving from Pittsburgh to Asheville, N.C., and had cause to pass through Beckley on Route 19 to Route 77. As I merged onto the highway into the right lane, we were passed by a tractor-trailer which was in the fast (left) lane. The truck passed very … Read more

I've seen the fountain on Neville Street only in passing, but from what I've seen from the street the fountain looks big enough to house two to four koi. Koi are very decorative carp similar to goldfish but smaller than the carp you'll find in the lakes and rivers around here. Read more

Amy Jo Hutchison’s May 22nd guest editorial, “Tax credits would be ‘life-altering’ for some,” was a strong and sensible message for effective action to fight poverty in our state. Read more

The first uncertainty we must face in the coal mining industry is how much coal remains to be mined and are the costs feasible. No matter who is crying wolf on how the coal should be mined, as long as the coal operators don’t change the course of the Ohio River to get the coal. Read more

Robert Morgan in his May 14 letter says: “I know the Quran condones killing...” This is because the Quran draws heavily from the Bible, especially the Old Testament. Abraham, Moses, and many other biblical characters are in the Quran, and this is where the mandate of killing of unbelievers i… Read more

Some people would have you believe that legislation dubbed the For the People Act is a solution in search of a problem. I wish that were true. Unfortunately, it is not the case whatsoever if you look at widespread efforts to restrict access to voting. Read more

Whether paid a high salary or low, all police officers everywhere have a legal and moral obligation to do their job in a manner respectable to all people. Infractions acknowledged and certified by legal jurisprudence result in the departments being sued, but it’s the taxpayers who pay, not s… Read more

A recent letter to the editor from a writer opposed to West Virginia Secretary of State Mac Warner’s defense of election integrity included false claims about Students for Life of America in an effort to downplay his concerns with the federal election takeover known as H.R.1. Noting our bill… Read more

In the past 40 years, communities across West Virginia have developed and operated 28 community health center organizations from Weirton to Welch and back north to Martinsburg. These community-owned organizations operate hundreds of clinic sites as well as providing health services in school… Read more

There have been many well-respected and well-admired economists who have stated that our national debt and budget deficits do not pose a threat to the well-being of our economy and our country. However, not all respected economists are saying this. Read more

Every day there seem to be more random killings, and I ask myself why? To me the answer is simple because they have taken God and Jesus out of the equation. Read more

Well, here I am with 22 books published (21 composed of poetry). Here also I am with a poem included in my 131st anthology, “Best Poets of 2020/Quarantine” by Eber and Wein Publishing; ISBN: 978-160880-684-3. Read more

As Democrats continue their platform to cancel culture and censor speech, one person will not be canceled or silenced and that person is Almighty God. Once again, scripture is being used to promote political agendas. Brady English, either one believes the Bible in its entirety from Genesis t… Read more

I am asking all readers to really think about what has happened to our nation in the last 50 years. Let’s do so without placing blame either passive aggressive or blatant. Let us first establish what to discuss. 1. Racism; 2. History; 3. The Future. Read more

I voted for Joe Manchin to help West Virginians. He is turning his back on us if he does not vote for President Biden’s American Jobs Plan. The plan would fix our highways and rebuild our bridges. It would deliver clean drinking water and high-speed broadband to all West Virginians. It would… Read more

Dr. Martin Luther King believed all men should live in peace, make forgiveness a virtue, remembrance a vice, no more violence black on white or white on black. Read more

As we approach America’s traditional special day known as Mother’s Day, perhaps we should pause to remember and grieve over the loss of over 65 million babies that were put to death even before they had a chance to live. Read more

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