The new Attorney General-elect for West Virginia has plans for his new role.

Patrick Morrisey says one of his top priorities is focusing on regulations, and he vows to challenge those that he deems harmful to West Virginia and “create a more favorable, a more predictable and a stable business environment.”

Although Morrisey is a Republican, he has expressed a willingness to work “alongside” Gov. Earl Ray Tomblin, a Democrat.

As an attorney with vast experience in health care law, Morrisey says he wants a say in how the state operates Medicaid and he plans to play a role in whether it follows the recently upheld federal health care law.

He vows to fight federal coal regulations that are bad for our state.

He has also promised to continue the attorney general office’s work in the area of consumer protection.

Morrisey defeated Darrell McGraw, a five-term attorney general, in the election earlier this month. It’s the first time a Republican will have held that post in West Virginia since 1933, 80 years. But that shouldn’t matter one bit.

The office of Attorney General, as set by the West Virginia Constitution, is the chief legal officer in the state. In many states it’s an appointed position. But in West Virginia, it’s an elected position where the voters decide who sits in the attorney general’s chair.

If Morrisey becomes involved with the Legislature and the executive branch as promised, his ideas deserve strong consideration and shouldn’t be dismissed due to playing politics.

West Virginia needs as many able advocates fighting for her as possible.

Especially ones willing to dig in and do the work necessary to bring about positive change for our state.

Our hope is that Morrisey is successful in his plans for the attorney general’s office.

Because if so, West Virginia becomes more successful.


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