Our governor and West Virginia’s supermajority Republican legislators, from backbenchers to those wearing the mantle of leadership, ignored too many of the state’s myriad problems to debate, instead, ideological and cultural hot button issues that they believed, we can only imagine, would pl…

Of all times for our country to be engaged in a political fight over providing citizens with easy access to the ballot box, now, less than a year from the death of civil rights icon, John Lewis, who was beaten to within an inch of his life fighting for voting rights, seems to be an especiall… Read more

The West Virginia House of Delegates played a schoolyard bully this week, showing just how cruel its members could be by targeting transgender youth in a cultural crusade to force them off the playing field and back into the proverbial closet. Read more

The state Senate, despite overwhelming evidence and expert testimony from doctors and public health officials begging them to avoid a certain crisis on our streets and back alleys, passed a bill this past week that places greater restrictions on community syringe exchange programs. Read more

In the spring, my grandma and I used to sit outside. We did nothing but be there, on the porch. But, if her nose started itching, she’d glance over at me. We both knew what that meant. She had taught me well. Someone was going to pay an unexpected visit. So, best put something on the stove j… Read more

We have learned many lessons over the past year. One of the most pressing lessons is that access to quality, high speed internet is essential for modern living. Our children have relied on it to learn, our seniors have relied on it for telehealth, and our families have relied on it to stay i… Read more

Gov. Jim Justice’s proposed legislation to eliminate the personal income tax in West Virginia cannot find a friend – for myriad reasons – on either side of the political aisle or out here in the real world among business types in suits and overalls. His proposal, at least for the moment, see… Read more

With up to 300,000 people falling sick every day and up to 4,000 people dying daily from Covid-19 (New York Times), the U.S. is at war with the virus. One hundred fifteen thousand West Virginians have already gotten Covid-19 and almost 2,000 have died. Millions of Americans struggle to make … Read more

Gov. Jim Justice had every right to call out fellow Republican governors for playing political football with mask mandates. And we are glad that he did because it was a good look for the state. Read more

As we age, several things occur: Death is no longer a curiosity; “old” becomes older and older; and people younger than 50 all seem like teenagers. Read more

Before Senator Eric Tarr, R-Putnam, goes off on a 30-minute ill-informed, self-righteous harangue in a committee debate about the threat that needle exchange programs pose to communities across West Virginia, he might want to brush up on the research, first. Decades of research. Read more

Can the brain freeze? Not like the ice cream inducing phenomenon that causes a serious case of the willies. Read more

At the tail end of his pandemic press briefing on Friday, Gov. Jim Justice broke stride and jumped into a terribly misinformed rant about what caused millions of Texans to go without power, heat and running water when a major winter storm out of the Arctic traveled south into the Lone Star S… Read more

Part of the Republican plan to rejuvenate the state as it emerges from the economic and social devastation of a yearlong pandemic is to grow the population by cutting income taxes to zero. The conservatives at the Capitol believe that as soon as the state eliminates its personal income tax, … Read more

Republicans like Sen. Shelley Moore Capito need to dry their crocodile tears about a lack of bipartisanship related to the Biden administration’s $1.9 trillion coronavirus relief bill that was approved by the Senate in the wee hours Friday morning. We saw plenty of shared political ingredien… Read more

To Chief Deputy Clerk Cecilia “Sally” Chapman who, today, is spending her last day of 31 years of service to Raleigh County. Chapman will be retiring at the end of her shift and plans to focus on serving her church, Beckley Praise Church, which her husband Paul Chapman pastors. Given all the… Read more

The instant blackness is a bad omen of the hours to come. There is no flicker of the electricity. No quick and repetitive on-offs of the lights and television. Read more

With the U.S. Senate politically split 50-50, conservative Democrat Sen. Joe Manchin has positioned himself as the go-to ringmaster, directing debate from the political center to bring bipartisan influence to the lawmaking on Capitol Hill. Read more

Before the warring factions in Congress can mend fences and work toward the general welfare of the American people, they must first stop pointing fingers at one another, especially when accusing an opponent of doing something they, themselves, are guilty of. Read more

THUMBS UP to Beckley Common Councilwoman Janine Bullock, Ward V, who was presented with the 2021 Living Legend Award during the annual Martin Luther King Jr. Day celebration by the Raleigh County National Association for the Advancement of Colored People. The award is given each year to some… Read more

Recently, I received a phone call from a concerned constituent. She explained that her 29-year old son is a two-time bone marrow transplant recipient. For the last four years, he has worn a mask due to his weakened immune system. Read more

Gov. Jim Justice’s blind and abiding trust in President Trump and his administration finally got the best of him this week when the governor learned that vaccination deliveries that had been promised to the state had, well, not really existed at all. Read more

The trouble with Rep. Carol Miller is that she’s not always capable of thinking for herself – and certainly not for her constituents – especially on complicated policy issues. She prefers to hang out on the backbench of Congress and dutifully do what she’s been told. Read more

Gov. Jim Justice advocates for “age, age, age” when it comes to arguing who should be among the first in line for Covid-19 vaccinations in the state. And, as is his habit, he makes the obvious point. Public health statistics show the elderly, especially those in congregate settings such as l… Read more

Members of the Mercer County Commission are taking another look at a proposed dilapidated structures ordinance. This time they are hoping to use an existing ordinance in neighboring Raleigh County as a template in drafting a possible local ordinance. Read more

First designated as a National River in 1978, the New River Gorge is composed of approximately 72,000 acres of land along 53 miles of one of the world’s oldest rivers – the New River – stretching from Bluestone Dam to Hawk’s Nest Lake. More importantly, it is home to hiking trails, globally-… Read more

Earlier this past week, Gov. Jim Justice suggested that the state begin testing all college students for Covid-19. He saw it as a strategy to reduce the transmission of a highly infectious disease that has been raging out of control – not just in some other corner of the country, but right h… Read more

No doubt, Gen. Lloyd J. Austin III, President-elect Joe Biden’s pick to run the Defense Department, is rock solid on almost every professional, career and character attribute that can be measured. Read more

If Gov. Jim Justice were as excited about science, democracy and the truth as he is about the prospects of two vaccines to turn the coronavirus pandemic on its ear, he might then have an easier time convincing citizens to line up and take a couple shots for the greater good so that we might … Read more

Before we can debate the growing body of evidence that suggests our school children may, in fact, be safer from coronavirus by attending classes rather than by hanging out at home all day, we must take into account the health and safety of everyone who steps into our schools, from kids to te… Read more

We owe a huge debt of gratitude to all local officials responsible for running smooth and incident-free primary and general elections this year – especially given the political, administrative and public health pressures they were under from Day One while doing their duty to collect and coun… Read more

THUMBS UP to the Shady Spring High School girls volleyball team for turning the disappointment of a frustrating loss into the elation of winning a state championship. Coming off a runner-up finish in the 2019 state tournament, the No. 1-seeded Lady Tigers swept Philip Barbour 3-0 to take hom… Read more

THUMBS UP to the Wyoming County Toy Fund, the Wyoming County Firefighters Association and the county office of the West Virginia Department of Health and Human Resources for joining forces this year to make Christmas brighter for children in need. Due to the Covid-19 issue that is affecting … Read more

Despite every last shred of evidence to the contrary, Gov. Jim Justice – supplicant to President Trump – says that he is not yet ready to recognize Joe Biden as president-elect of the United States. Well, we have a feeling the duly elected president, come January 20, 2021, is not waiting on … Read more

Today, the Supreme Court of the United States will take up a case that could upend our health care system. California v. Texas, a lawsuit brought by 18 state Attorneys General including West Virginia’s Patrick Morrisey, seeks to overturn the entire Affordable Care Act (ACA). Read more

President Trump punctuates his dismissive regard for Covid-19 by saying that America is “rounding the turn” on tackling the spread of the highly infectious novel coronavirus. He’s been saying this for months, and continues now at his raucous campaign rallies that are, as has been documented,… Read more

THUMBS UP to an operation, called Autumn Hope, that led to the recovery of 45 missing children, 13 of whom were recovered as a result of the efforts of the U.S. Marshals Service here in the Southern District of West Virginia in conjunction with the Cops United Felony Fugitive Enforcement Div… Read more

Election season is a good time to call West Virginia home – especially if you want to participate in our democracy during a pandemic and feel better about filling out your ballot from the safety of your own breakfast table or casting your vote early at a local polling place. Time is plentifu… Read more

Finally. After months of turning a deaf ear to the plea of city officials, Norfolk Southern now says it is ready to begin discussions with the Bluefield Board of Directors on how to remedy the Grant Street Bridge closure. Read more

Republican conservative hypocrisy lives loudly within U.S. Sen. Shelley Moore Capito, R-W.Va., who joined party colleagues on Wednesday to announce their opposition to court packing. They share a suspicion that should the Democrats win the White House and take control of the Senate, seats wo… Read more

There’s no question that children throughout the country have suffered learning losses since the onset of the pandemic and the transition to virtual learning. The vital questions now center around how much learning loss has occurred and how can those losses most effectively be overcome. Read more

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