Earlier this month, liberals in Washington D.C. announced their most substantial proposal to-date for the 116th Congress – the Green New Deal. In my opinion, it is so catastrophic that it should actually be called the Green New Disaster.

Low on details but high in rhetoric, this plan is nothing more than societal engineering with the intention to restart Obama’s War on Coal that devastated my community for 8 years.

The goal is as overreaching as it is terrifying. Within the next decade, the intent of the plan is to completely stop all-natural energy production in the United States, end air travel, halt the production and use of automobiles and end cattle ranching. What a disaster!

I know that this plan is mockable right now, because of how unfeasible it is to the average American – a point of view which is oft-forgotten inside the beltway of Washington, D.C. However, this does not mean it should not be taken seriously. Nearly every major Democrat candidate for president in 2020 supports the plan, 67 of my colleagues in the U.S. House have signed on and over 300 local and state politicians back the measure – which means that this plan could be a reality.

We cannot fall into this trap. We need to trust in tried and true energy policies, and not throw it all away for unrealistic and harmful goals. Our country will not be better off if we stop raising livestock to feed our citizens, shut down our airports and airlines and limit travel, tear down or remodel all our country’s buildings and stop producing natural energy to power our nation. The fact is these proposals would set back our country, rather than propel us forward on the path of prosperity.

To those backers of the Green New Disaster, it is important to know that coal, oil and gas energy production is at the peak of efficiency. It is clean, affordable, dependable and allows our country to be self-reliant.

The re-branded War on Coal, Oil, and Gas is a threat to our economy and our citizens. In my state alone, nearly 30,000 people work in the coal industry, 93 percent of our electricity comes from coal and billions of dollars are injected into our local economy from the energy industry every year. It is the backbone of West Virginia.

The energy industry has been under attack for years, and the Green New Disaster would be a death blow. My community would be economically devastated. Thankfully, under President Trump’s leadership, West Virginia has been bouncing back by repealing overburdensome regulations and allowing our miners to go to work to power the nation. To some, a Green New Disaster is a means to gain political points. To me, the effects are so much different.

When a politician goes after coal, they are attacking my community, criticizing the way of life of my friends and neighbors, and working to take away the jobs of so many people in West Virginia. They are saying they don’t care what happens to the thousands of miners, railroad workers, truck drivers, barge captains, coal operators, repair technicians and others who wonder how much longer they will be able to put food on their tables, keep their lights on and provide for their families, while progressive activists work to end their livelihoods.

I say this because I’ve seen it. The previous administration took its best shot to kill West Virginia’s coal industry, but we persevered, persisted and survived. We are determined to never let such destruction happen again. We need to reject the Green New Disaster before it goes any further.

Rep. Carol Miller, a Republican,

represents the 3rd Congressional District.

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