Hundreds of children in overcrowded spaces. Looks of exasperation on the faces of those working on the ground. A porous border susceptible to trafficking of all kinds.

Earlier this week, West Virginians witnessed something almost unheard of across this country: leaders from both parties coming together for a constructive conversation about the future of this great state at a time when the stakes couldn’t be higher. Read more

Today’s political discourse and campaign finance system have been poisoned by an influence machine that, for too long, has been able to operate from the shadows. West Virginians are no strangers to “dark money” peddlers attempting to influence our elections. We’ve long endured attack ads and… Read more

The foundations of our democracy have been under attack in recent years. Some of these assaults have been overt, such as foreign meddling in elections and the storming of the U.S. Capitol on Jan. 6. Others have been more subtle, such as the rise of billionaires spending millions of dollars t… Read more

It’s time to better define above ground storage tanks and right-size duplicative regulation that only adds costs, not safety. Not all these tanks are equal. Some hold chemicals that would be toxic if they leaked. Others don’t. Read more

For most West Virginians, taxes are destined to increase without providing any benefits. In essence, services will decline and living costs will go up. Read more

In the shadows of Covid, bills have passed during the 2021 Legislative session that will move West Virginia backwards. From the weakening or elimination of state licensing for electricians, plumbers, crane operators, elevator technicians, among others, to the weakening of drinking water stan… Read more

Gov. Jim Justice has taken two interesting positions.  One, based on his interview with columnist Cal Thomas printed in the Raleigh Register-Herald, is that West Virginia’s economy is booming, has a $100 million surplus, and people are flooding to the state to spend time and money. The other… Read more

West Virginia is in a unique position to guide the course of U.S. Policy. The “Blue Wave” put the presidency and both houses of Congress under Democratic control, but with a catch. Namely, a few Democrats – most notably the state’s U.S. Senator Joe Manchin – are moderates who can stem the ti… Read more

As we hope for a renewed sense of normalcy in the Spring of Year 2 A.C. (After Covid), the enduring sport of baseball comes to mind.  To attract young talent and convince our next generation to stay, rebuild, and succeed in West Virginia, we can start with a line from the classic baseball mo… Read more

Before my feet hit the floor each morning, I know what will be waiting when I check my phone: messages from constituents regarding roads or water. Infrastructure is – by far – the issue I hear most about from the citizens in the 8th senatorial district. It is likely the most pressing problem… Read more

Today, Appalachian-produced natural gas is the primary power source for one out of every eight American households. And as the nation’s fourth-largest energy producing state and seventh largest natural gas producing state, West Virginia has a monumental opportunity to become the region’s lea… Read more

Almost one year ago, the first West Virginian was diagnosed with Covid-19. In the time since then we have seen our schools close and reopen, small businesses shut their doors and watched in awe as our hospital workers, grocery store clerks, first responders and front line workers became supe… Read more

One of the great things about living in the U.S. is that our city and county governments are required to keep their citizens informed about their actions. One of the ways they do this is through public notices – the informational notices that have been deemed to be of importance to local con… Read more

The State Board of Education is charged with making decisions regarding the education of all students in our state and keeping them and school personnel safe. We understand all of the concerns related to going back to school. We also know teachers and school staff members are working hard an… Read more

Community revitalization is the implementation of intentional efforts that are likely to lead to measurable increases in access to employment, living wage jobs, health care, community amenities, transportation and quality and affordable housing stock. Your chamber of commerce is working with… Read more

At United Way of Southern West Virginia, we are so proud to be supported by a diverse group of donors from our seven-county coverage area. We appreciate every contribution because we know that it shows faith in our outreach and efficiency for someone to give their well-earned money. The cont… Read more

West Virginia is my home. The holler taught me to be curious, the creek taught me to be cautious. West Virginia didn’t raise anyone less than brilliant, but yet the state Legislature proposed an idea that could go against just that.  Read more

It was a random evening. My friend and I were sitting in the living room on my tan couch – the rough-looking one that came with the apartment. I was staring at one of the rips in the arm rest, but not picking at it. The rips and the exposed stuffing don’t fit the decorating theme I am going … Read more

Juxtaposed between love and despair, the heart — and its symbolic meaning — is at the forefront of today’s red-letter holiday. Read more

The legislative proposals to raise the sales tax, tax food, and cut services that will hurt low-income and working families are unfortunate. Read more

The United Way of Southern West Virginia is fortunate to maintain an active and engaged Board of Directors. Our directors assume the responsibility of oversight of the organization, overseeing the finance and strategic planning, and controlling the budget. They represent our service area thr… Read more

I remember seeing videos of children crying during one election, shaken that someone might get into office, someone whom they didn’t know or understand. Yet, they still believed that it was a horrible thing, their election. They believed that their world, their safety, and all they know migh… Read more

“Old Yeller,” “Bambi” and “Where the Red Fern Grows” – what do they have in common? “Classics,” some of you may say, or “traditional family films with a good message.” Read more

This year has been a challenging one. The pandemic has affected all of us, and our industry, much like every sector, is adapting. While many more challenges lie ahead, we also see opportunities.  Read more

From Hello to Help, 211 is here. The United Way of Southern West Virginia 211 Information and Referral Hotline is a vital resource for our community. National 211 Day is celebrated on Thursday, Feb. 11, recognizing the free, confidential hotline that connects our community to health and huma… Read more

There ain’t no rest for the wicked, unless you can afford the finest bed. I’m not saying that “wicked” and “wealthy” are synonyms. But I am saying that the nation’s richest can seem to do no wrong. Even if that means going to jail.  Read more

The fundraising efforts of United Way of Southern West Virginia support the agencies we partner with in our service area and maintain our direct programs, the Equal Footing Shoe Fund and 2-1-1 Information and Referral Hotline. Our service area includes the counties of Nicholas, Fayette, Rale… Read more

“These are the times that try men’s souls.” When Thomas Paine penned these words, America was in the throes of the Revolutionary War. Nearly 250 years later, we are fighting another enemy, an invisible one that threatens our most vulnerable citizens, our children. Currently, we are strugglin… Read more

Students returned to school in southern West Virginia on Tuesday, Jan. 19. By Wednesday, Jan. 20, our office in Beckley had began receiving calls for assistance with shoes for local children. Local school counselors, teachers, social workers, and administrative staff identify students in nee… Read more

Each year before West Virginia lawmakers begin their 60-day session, Beckley-Raleigh County Chamber of Commerce (BRCCC) presents position statements that reflect the voice of our local business community to our legislators.  Read more

The United Way of Southern West Virginia is known as our community’s "resource of resources" because we connect people. We connect donors with opportunities, agencies with advocacy, volunteers with prospects, and we do so through the caring power of southern West Virginia. We are incredibly … Read more

It was afternoon and I had just gotten off the school bus. I found myself sitting on the familiar cream-colored carpet of my grandparents’ living room. I don’t remember what we were talking about, but I mentioned that I wanted to be a lawyer. Not that I knew much of anything that might prove… Read more

At United Way of Southern West Virginia, we believe that health, education, and financial stability are the building blocks for a good quality of life. Our mission is to improve the lives of all residents of our service area by focusing on these building blocks and mobilizing the caring powe… Read more

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