If someone ever needed to find me in high school, all they needed to do was walk into the crammed cafeteria and whisper something political. Though everyone else was having their own conversations about boys and parents, I would somehow hear it and pounce. I wanted to hear it. I wanted to talk about it. All I did was eat, sleep and argue politics. Now, it just makes me want to cover my eyes and hide in a corner.

If it wasn’t obvious back then, I loved everything about politics. Even if I had no idea what someone was talking about, I would sit there until I understood. I wanted to hear everyone’s opinion. I wanted them to hear mine. I thought that most people would talk and discuss their thoughts. I was young and dumb, because it was never a simple talk.

In the world of politics, everyone is right, knows exactly what is wrong in the world and has a fix.

Sure, politics isn’t something that can be tested and proven like science. Even if it were, it’d still be heavily based on personal “tests.”

The high school me would have loved to have had more debates, but now the world of politics and debating leaves me wanting to walk away. Some still try to get me to budge and take a stance, but I know that once I do, I’ll just feel drained. Because even in the real world, people always think they’re right. No matter how much research or facts are piled on, there is no changing someone’s mind. Heck, I even think I’m right to not want to walk around in it anymore. It’s such a dangerous little game.

It used to be something that gave me a thrill, and I honestly loved to learn about other ideas and voices. Now, it makes me feel like I’d just gone for a run out in the rain and need a shower and a nap.

It became my personality trait. Now I realize how dry and boring that was. I would have never owned up to that during an interview when they ask about my hobbies.

I’ve just realized that what I see as right will never be what everyone agrees with, if anyone. Some friends say that I’m too conservative. Some say that I’m too liberal. And honestly, I used to take pride in titles like that. Now, I see that politics is more of a game with two teams, and nothing else matters. I’d say some of the players don’t even know what they stand for. They just want to win.

And I just wanted to win arguments.

Maybe one day it won’t be about winning. Maybe it’ll be about the best ideas and not political party dogma. But even high school me would know that’s quite the unachievable idealistic dream.

Hannah Morgan, a native of Wyoming County, is attending WVU in pursuit of a career in journalism. Her email is hannahmorgan13943@hotmail.com.

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