Apparently, there’s a new mascot for the vaccine in West Virginia and, really, he couldn’t care less if you get a shot or not just as long as there is food in his dish.

It’s Babydog, Gov. Jim Justice’s pup.

Not too long ago, the governor held a press conference announcing the vaccine rollout. Somewhere in advocating for all of the good that it could and would do, and smiling, the governor thought people might be more persuaded by his dog, Babydog, more than they would be if it came from him.

For most people, they didn’t sit down and turn on the press conference to watch. Instead, they found this news by seeing it shared on social media.

Some even joked and said “we should ask Babydog if they’re OK.”

No matter what Justice does, it seems to grab the media’s attention, inside the state and put. Everyone wonders what antics the governor will resort to next, but doesn’t understand what they are looking for until int happens.

Some people like the governor because he reminds them of Trump. Some even voted for him for that reason, though the comparison is a stretch.

Governor Justice isn’t usually someone who people look to for political advice. No, usually he goes on national TV and leaves it obvious that he wasn’t given much media practice before the interview. Yet, if someone were to ask who to invite to a dinner, dead or alive, he might be a good choice – to learn what goes on in his head and how Babydog really feels.

No, he isn’t like President Trump as much as some folks like to think. However, there is one man who is like him. He’s another man who everyone seems to like but aren’t sure as to why. He’s one of those who is a jolly man who found himself sitting in a seat of power yet isn’t the most politically savvy person on board. Some might even ask how he got himself in such a position, but maybe it’s because he just seems to be good people who could even be a neighbor – along with money and contacts.

Who else is more like Gov. Justice than the good ol’ George Bush, the 43rd president. They should meet, if they haven’t. They’d be best buds out playing golf, having a drink and not talking about politics.

The younger Bush was someone who found himself sitting in a bit of heat for not being the best president. Sure, it was already a hard time for the nation, but no one can undo history. However, people like him for some reason. He might not have been the best suited for president, but he knew how to be a fun guy with a contagious smile.

For that reason, Gov. Justice and Babydog find themselves more at home being compared to President No. 43 rather than No. 44 – Trump. They’re both men who have the power to take control of a room and make people smile and feel at home. Sure, politics might not be their thing, but some soulless politicians could learn a thing or two from these goofy, kind men.

— Hannah Morgan, a native of Wyoming County, is attending WVU in pursuit of a career in journalism. Her email is at

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