Thursday, Jan. 16, through Saturday, Jan. 18, the Beckley Art Center’s Youth Theatre Program, an academy that strives to foster a love for the creative arts and its education, will present Disney’s “Frozen Jr.” at Tamarack’s Governor Hulett C Smith Theater.

According to Zachary Bolon, director of performing arts, the performance will be an hour-long mixture of “Frozen’s” movie and Broadway adaptations.

“It’s kind of a hybrid of the two. There are songs in the Broadway production that aren’t in the movie, so it’s exciting and new.”

All 50 of the company’s students, who range from ages 7 to 18, will take part in the performance — a production focused on educating youth.

Bolon, who co-directed the performance with Becca McLaughlin, said auditions for the show took place in September and rehearsals began in November.

“We were very excited to do ‘Frozen Jr.’ because when we finished our last program, ‘Beauty and the Beast,’ the company we were licensed through released that they had limited rights to ‘Frozen.’ We were one of the first in the country to get to do it, so it’s a cool opportunity.”

He added that, with the recent release of “Frozen 2” in theaters, now seemed like the perfect time to perform “Frozen Jr.”

Robby Moore, the center’s executive director, says the company’s performance of “Frozen Jr.” is the first step in a long journey of expanding the youth theater programming.

“After ‘Frozen’ we are going to try and start doing two productions a year. These productions really help spread youth theater awareness and appreciation here in Beckley and southern West Virginia. It gives our young people a creative outlet to perform and learn new skill sets and I think that is important for young members.”

Moore said these skills, such as basic and complex communication skills, problem solving, memorization and punctuality, are ones that young people will be able to use their whole lives.

As for performing at Tamarack, Bolon says crew and cast alike are eager for this new opportunity.

“This is all new and really exciting. We will be performing in a brand-new space and I am excited for the kids to get to see the anatomy of a theater and for them to have the chance to be in a local space.”

General admission tickets can be purchased for $15 for adults and for $10 for children ages 10 and under.

Advance tickets can only be purchased online through the event’s Facebook page. The remaining tickets will be on sale one hour before each performance.

For more information on the production, visit “BAC presents Frozen Jr.” on Facebook.

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