The West Virginia Secretary of State's Office is investigating reports that names of voters from Raleigh County Precinct 2 were not printed in poll books during the Tuesday midterm elections, Raleigh County Chief Deputy Clerk Cecilia Chapman said Friday.

Names of voters from a block on East Prince Street in Beckley did not appear in the poll book at the precinct, located at the First Church of the Nazarene on Johnstown Road.

Chapman said the voters' names instead appeared in the poll book for Precinct One, which was not their precinct.

The voters cast provisional ballots, because their names did not appear in the appropriate book. She said Friday that the provisional ballots are held until the board of canvassers meets this Tuesday and that they will be counted.

Her office has notified the Secretary of State's Office of the situation, she added.

"They're doing an audit," she said. "I hope to have an explanation for it by start of canvass on Tuesday.

"We've asked them that we'd really like to have the answer by then. They are working on it."

She added that it appears voters with addresses at a few blocks on Prince Street were impacted. 

Chapman said Tuesday that all provisional ballots are counted after canvassing.

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Chapman also reminded the public that children under the age of 14 are permitted, by state law, to accompany adult voters to the voting booth.

One Lester mom reported that a poll worker at Lester Fire Department did not permit her third-grade son to walk to a voting machine with her.

Chapman said Friday that she had not heard additional reports of county children not being able to enter the booths with their parents but said that voters who have question about the law should step outside of their polling place and call the Raleigh Voter Registration office to report problems or ask questions.

"They need to call our office, right there," she said. "Step outside and call our office right there, before they leave, and then we will try to contact the people who are working there.

"Anything they feel is not right, they need to contact the Voter's Registration Office."

The number is 304-252-8681.

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