The Mountain Valley Pipeline was on the minds of the Summers County Commission during their Wednesday meeting.

The commissioners voted to send a letter to MVP to request an odorant being placed in the pipeline that could alert the public to a possible future leak in the pipeline upon its possible completion.

Commissioners also discussed the collection of inventory taxes owed to the county by pipeline construction activity and the legality of collecting taxes from pipeline workers temporarily living in the county’s campgrounds.

According to the county assessor, those fees would be collected, though with construction activities happening over a short time in the county, the assessor spoke about the difficulty of reaching everyone who has worked in the county.

The county commissioners also voted on joining a federal class action lawsuit against the federal government in order to recoup on owed “in lieu of taxes” payments from the federal government for the years 2015, 2016 and 2017.

Those payments in lieu of taxes are paid to local governments for land that is nontaxable because it is owned by the federal government.

Although Summers County has received payments from the federal government, those funds were under the designated amount because Congress has failed to fully fund the payments for the three years listed prior.

The initial suit was brought to federal claims court by Kane County, Utah, with a federal judge ruling in April that the full amount had to be paid to local governments.

While joining the suit to recoup owed funds, the commissioners believe that the total funds received would not be a significant amount.

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