A Sophia woman was killed Wednesday in a vehicle crash on Airport Road in Beaver, the woman's friend reported on Thursday.

Cristal McGraw, 31, was the mother of two boys. She worked at The Dish in Daniels and at Bunker's at The Resort at Glade Springs. 

McGraw's friend, Tiffany Cross, 36, of Crab Orchard, said McGraw died as a result of a car crash on Airport Road in Raleigh County on Wednesday morning.

"Cristal was everything you could ever imagine for a friend," said Cross. "She helped anyone and everyone she could.

"Her two beautiful boys were her world, also, her niece."

A dispatch supervisor at Raleigh County Emergency Operations Center said the two-car vehicle crash occurred near the intersection of Airport Road and Scott Ridge Road just before 10:30 a.m. Wednesday. Beaver Fire Department, Jan Care Ambulance, Best Ambulance and Raleigh County Sheriff's Office responded.

Emergency responders extricated one motorist from a car and transported two people to a local hospital, the EOC supervisor said. It was unclear if McGraw or another motorist had been trapped.

Despite responders' best efforts, McGraw passed away as a result of injuries sustained in the accident.

Bunker's manager Jennifer Fisher supervised McGraw at the Daniels pub.

"She was excellent with her guests at work," Fisher said. "(She) took a lot of pride in her job, was very caring."

Cross said her best friend was an excellent parent and that she had a strong work ethic. 

"She worked harder than anyone I know, and with the biggest smile ever," Cross said. "Her smile was contagious.

"She smiled, and you were instantly drawn to her," she added. "She was more like family to me.

"My son adored her and loved her."

McGraw and Cross were close friends who saw each other nearly every day from January 2019 until the morning of McGraw's accident, said Cross. They drove the same type of car. Their birthdays were two days apart. They each got fired on the same day from one job and hired in the same week at The Dish.

"She never left me without telling me she loved me," Cross said. "I will forever be grateful for having her in my life, as many others are, too.

"This is a pain I wouldn't wish on my worst enemy.

"My beautiful best friend will continue to live on in my heart for the rest of my days."

Cross has started a Go Fund Me account to cover McGraw's funeral costs. The fundraiser is titled "Funeral Costs."

On Thursday night, the fundraiser had reached $2,245 of a $5,000 goal.

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