Another winter storm is headed to southern West Virginia this weekend, and it has the potential to bring several inches of snow.

Robert Beasley, a meteorologist with the National Weather Service in Blacksburg, Va., said the precipitation from this winter storm is expected to begin Saturday night and continue into Sunday and Monday.

He added that the storm is too far out to give official projections, but he estimated that some areas could expect six to 12 inches.

Temperatures are also expected to stay below freezing starting Saturday and continue into Monday and Tuesday.

The chance for snow throughout most of southern West Virginia starting Saturday night is 50 percent with a low around 20 degrees.

The snow will continue into Sunday with a high right at or below freezing throughout the region.

However, Beasley said the “bigger concern is not the cold temperatures but the threat from the accumulation of snowfall.”

Beasley said the National Weather Service has already begun sending out alerts that this winter storm is on the way.

“The messaging will be increased over the days to come but the main thing to tell people is that a major winter storm is coming, and people should prepare accordingly,” he said.

Beasley added that anyone needing to travel this weekend should make sure they’ve arrived at their destination before Saturday night to avoid the possibility of ending up like the hundreds of motorists who were stuck on Interstate 95 in Virginia last week.

Cold temperatures are expected to remain even after the storm has passed.

“I think probably about as warm as you’re going to see in that area next week, if you’re lucky, will be something like 45 and that would be by Wednesday or Thursday,” he said.

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