Attempting to create an innovative learning experience, students at Shady Spring Elementary did so successfully presenting a STEAM activity to students by students.

Students in Susan Vandal's fifth grade science class presented a program called "Science or Magic: You Decide" to grades 3-5.

Part of a program called Remake Learning Days, the program was aimed at making science and technology more interesting for students, Vandal said.

Remake Learning Days "celebrates educational innovation in West Virginia and southwestern Pennsylvania. Remake Learning Days will shine positive light on the tremendous educators, students, nonprofits, governments and companies that are creating remarkable learning experiences for children and youth," according to a press release from the Education Alliance.

The approximate hour-long program was turned from straight-up science demonstrations into an entertaining mix of science experiments and skits with the help of art teacher Linda Boyd.

"The students really seemed to respond to the activity," Vandal said of both those who put on the show those in the audience.

"This is a great opportunity for the kids to perform and be creative and innovative," Boyd said. "They did an awesome job."

Experiments in the show included the use of high and low pressure air, baking soda and vinegar and others.

Students Breannah Lambert of Daniels and Madison Attilli of Shady Spring excitedly spoke of their elephant's toothpaste experiment that combined warm water, yeast, hydrogen peroxide and dish soap to create a fun chemical reaction.

Nicholas Berneburg and Brody Repass both showed off how they could use air pressure to blow up a wind bag with a single breath.

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