A Raleigh County rescue and search team on Friday found the body of a young Fayette County swimmer at Lake Stephens in Surveyor, Raleigh Sheriff's Office reported.

Jaiquann Frazier, 24, of Gauley Bridge, was swimming at the lake on Thursday evening when he was reported missing, Raleigh Sheriff's officials reported.

County officials launched an immediate rescue effort  by Stephens Lake staff, Raleigh Sheriff's Office, State Division of Natural Resources and Trap Hill Fire Rescue Dive Team, but the search team was unable to find Frazier in the 272-acre lake.

Beaver Dive Team and others joined the search effort on Friday, according to Raleigh Sheriff's Office reports.

On Friday afternoon, officials reported that rescuers had found Frazier's body.

His death is being investigated as a possible drowning, according to a release from the Raleigh Sheriff's Office.



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