Regular session of the County Commission of Raleigh County:

Call to Order

Roll Call

Invocation- Wayne Peters, Bradley Freewill Baptist Church

Pledge of Allegiance

New Business


Budget Revisions

New Employee- Raleigh County Clerk’s Office- Catelyn Evans (Deputy Clerk)

New Employee- Raleigh County Commission Office- Jeffrey Scott Ball (Maintenance)

Community Corrections Monthly Grant Report

2nd Amendment Resolution

Public Hearing- Raleigh County Code Enforcement Ordinance- Proposed Amendment

Article 7- Section a

Article 7- Section f

Approval of Raleigh County Planning and Zoning Ordinance- Proposed Amendments

Chapter 4- Article 4A(5)D

Chapter 5- General Regulations

Chapter 8- (R2) Residential District

Chapter 9- (R1) Rural/ Residential District

Chapter 10- (B1) Commercial/ Business District

Chapter 11- (I1) Industrial/ Business District

Chapter 16- Manufactured Home Park and Campground Regulations

Appendix A- Definitions

Approval of Raleigh County Planning and Zoning Subdivision Ordinance- Proposed Amendments

Article 4- Section 4.4

Article 5- Section 5.7

Article 6- Sections 6.5 and 6.6

Article Definitions

Raleigh County Code Enforcement Request to Waive Building Permit Fee for Inter- Governmental Agencies or Departments

Clearfork Rail Trail Project (Region One Planning & Development Council)

AML Quarterly Report ending December 31, 2019

AML Grant Time Extension Request

Old Business

Public Participation

Approval of Minutes, Vacation Orders and Final Settlements

Reports of Officers and Committees

Bills, Communications and Appointments

Receipts and Disbursements


Next regularly scheduled Raleigh County Commission meeting will be held on March 3, 2020 at 10 a.m., in the Raleigh County Commission Chambers at 116 ½ N. Heber Street. Beckley.


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