The Raleigh County Board of Education honored Raleigh County School Nurse Angela Foster Tuesday evening for being West Virginia's School Nurse of the Year.

This is the second year in a row the local school district has received statewide recognition, as teacher Jada Reeves was named West Virginia Teacher of the Year last year.

"Raleigh County is always representing the best of the best," Superintendent David Price said. "Last year we were able to honor the teacher of the year and now the school nurse of the year, it's really something special.

Foster, a school nurse at both Park Middle School and Stanaford Elementary in Raleigh County, was given the status of West Virginia School Nurse of the Year during a statewide banquet in November. She has been a nurse in the county for 14 years.

"I feel very blessed and very honored to be recognized as West Virginia's School Nurse of the Year," Foster said. "I also feel very blessed to work in Raleigh County.

"Raleigh County has a great administration and a great group of school nurses, and they value having a school nurse in our schools," Foster told The Register-Herald.

Foster added that Raleigh County is fortunate because the nurse-to-student ratio is slightly better than other counties in the state, but it's still not perfect. She said the ultimate goal is to have a school nurse in every school "all day, every day."

"Most of us have more than one school we're responsible for, and we're always traveling," she said.

Foster said the best part of her job is working with students, because right now, the students in West Virginia are going through a lot.

"They're just facing so much. With the drugs, the abuse, the neglect, the family issues, suicide issues, all of it," she said. "We see a lot of mental health issues among the kids, and they are why I do what I do. I just love working with them so much."

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