The following is a list of incidents actually reported to police departments. However, the call may have resulted in something other than what was initially reported.

Beckley Police

Business checks: Ragland Road, Appalachian Drive, Robert C. Byrd Drive, Eisenhower Drive, Beckley Plaza

Animal problem: Harper Road

Assault: Eisenhower Drive, Barber Avenue

911 Hang up: Reservoir Road

Alarm: Johnstown Road

Public intoxication: Stanaford Road, Harper Road, Main Street

Trespassing: Appalachian Drive

Vehicle accident: Eisenhower Drive

Radar patrol: Woodlawn Avenue (2), Orchard Avenue

Drug violation: Beckley Crossing

Larceny: Robert C. Byrd Drive, Seaver Lane

Burglary: Oakwood Avenue

Parking violation: Hull Street

Fraud: Prince Street

Gas drive-off: Harper Road

Harassing phone calls: Prince Street

Suspicious person: Kanawha Street, Robert C. Byrd Drive

Embezzlement: Prince Street

Speeding: Stanley Street

Burglar alarm: Hylton Lane, Neville Street, New Jersey Avenue

Towed vehicle: New River Drive, Market Road

Abandoned vehicle: Fayette Street

Breaking and entering: Eisenhower Drive

Loud music: Harper Road (2)

Prowler: Warren Avenue

DUI: Prince Street

Raleigh Sheriff

Suspicious vehicle: MacArthur

Breaking and entering: Beckley

Animal problem: Beckley

Destruction of property: Crow

Tampering with an automobile: Crab Orchard

Domestic dispute: Crab Orchard, Bolt

Larceny: Mount Tabor

Breaking and entering: Grandview

Burglary: Besoco

Gas drive-off: Beaver

Destruction of property: Beckley

Civil dispute: Naoma

Disturbance: Ghent

Burglar alarm: Pluto

Stolen vehicle: Whitby

Public intoxication: Beckley

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