Missing man in Fayette County


Jeshua Robinson, the man who went missing Wednesday, is alive and well. He’s still on the run, though, according to a press release from the Fayette County Sheriff’s Office.

Just after 9 p.m. on Thursday, the Fayette County 911 Center got a tip that Robinson made it back to Mount Hope.

He refused to talk to police or get medical help, according to the release.

Detectives say Jeshua Robinson allegedly suffers from an illness and he hasn’t been taking his medication. Without his medication, he gets “very violent” and makes threats, the release said.

He fled the area when police from the sheriff’s office and the Mount Hope Police Department showed up.

Detectives were told that Robinson has been calling his family.

Family members are trying to get Robinson to work with the police and get treatment.

Sheriff Steve Kessler said the whole situation is weird.

“Our alleged victim, Jeshua Robinson, is apparently suffering from some sort of mental illness and is refusing to cooperate with law enforcement,” he said in the release. “Our alleged suspect, Marcus Thompson, has been fully cooperative with us since we initially made contact with him.”

No criminal charges are being filed against Marcus Thompson, the man who was allegedly attacked by Robinson.

“Since we have been able to confirm that Jeshua Robinson was apparently unhurt during this incident and does not appear to be in any sort of physical danger, our efforts to locate this individual are being terminated at this time,” Sheriff Kessler said in the release. “We are hopeful that he will agree to meet with members of his family and seek the mental health treatment that he needs.”

The whole reason police were looking for Thompson and Robinson in the first place is because of an alleged shooting.

Around 11:45 p.m. Wednesday, Jeshua Robinson and his brother-in-law, Marcus Thompson, went to the store.

Thompson came home alone and said Robinson rolled out of the car and ran away. Thompson said he “shot at” Robinson.

Police started looking for Thompson and Robinson, but couldn’t find either of them.

Once he found out police were looking for him, Thompson called the sheriff’s office and said he would help them out.

On Friday morning, Marcus Thompson showed detectives where the fight between the two took place. It was at the Georgia Pacific Plant outside of Mount Hope.

Thompson said he fired several shots after Jeshua Robinson attacked him with a knife.

Thompson said he wasn’t trying to hit Jeshua. He just shot up into the air. After the fight, Marcus Thompson threw his gun over a hill.

Detectives searched the area and weren’t able to find any blood or any other signs that Jeshua Thompson had been hurt in the fight. Police are still searching for the gun that was tossed over the hill.

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