The following calls were made to police agencies on Feb. 12; however, the call may have resulted in something other than what was originally reported.


Beckley Police Department

911 hang-up: 2930 Robert C. Byrd Dr. (McDonalds)

Attempted B&E: 108 Fairlawn Ave.

Attempt to locate: 308 City Ave. (Dawg Gone Pet Salon)

B&E not in progress: 166 Ridgecrest Ave.

Brandishing: 102 Grant St., 1900 block Harper Rd.

Burglar alarm: 113 Hager St., 301 N. Eisenhower Dr. (King Tut Drive In), 300 Witherspoon St. (Enlish residence) 

Burglary not in progress: 1525 Harper Rd.

Business check: 1498 S. Eisenhower Dr. (Hicks Service Center), 1408 N. Eisenhower Dr. (Sheetz) 

Check welfare: 100 Curtis Ave., 100 block S. Heber St., 500 block New River Dr., 200 block Woodlawn Ave., 1330 N. Eisenhower Dr. (Walmart), 1300 block Harper Rd., 209 Combs St. 

CPR-adult: 117 Huffman St.

Disturbance: 200 block Woodlawn Ave., 209 Woodlawn Ave. 

Domestic: Raleigh County, 622 Neville St. (Beckley Loan), 302 1st Ave. 

Eloped/walk away: 1710 Harper Rd. (RGH)

Follow up call: 404 City Ave.

Intox person: 708 S. Eisenhower Dr.

Loud music/noise: 300 block Reservoir Rd.

Magistrate Detail: 222 Main St.

Mail Run: 501 Neville St. (BCPD) 

Motor vehicle accident: 3500 block Robert C. Byrd Dr., 1346 N. Eisenhower Dr. (Cookout Restaurant), Robert C. Byrd Dr. and New River Town Center, 1900 block Harper Rd., 1800 block Harper Rd. 

MVA in progress: 500 block N.Eisenhower Dr.

Panic/hold alarm: 200 Lambert Dr. 

Possible DUI: 100 Never River Dr.

Radar patrol: 100 E Beckley Bypass

School Zone: 212 Park Ave. (Park Middle School)

Shoplifting: 1330 N. Eisenhower Dr. (Walmart), 501 Neville St. (BCPD) 

Special assignment: 100 block Hager St., 2893 Robert C. Byrd Dr. (Sheetz) (4), 1900 block Harper Rd. (2), 400 block 3rd Ave., 100 block S. Heber St. (3), 100 block G St., 1939 Harper Rd., 2014 Harper Rd. (Super 8 Hotel), 100 block Hylton Lane, 1909 Harper Rd. (Econolodge), 100 block Prince St., 245 Wilkes Parkway (YMCA Soccer Complex), 1300 block N. Eisenhower Dr., Rails to Trails, 1408 N. Eisenhower Dr. (Sheetz), 100 block Beckley Plaza, 100 block Beckley Xing, 100 block Prince St., 100 block Granville Ave., 500 block Scott Ave., 25801, 501 Neville St., 100 block City Ave. (2), 500 block S. Fayette St., Johnstown Rd. and N. Vance Dr., 100 block Orchard Ave. (Ext PTL Bowling Addition), 100 block 9th St., 100 block Clyde St., 503 Neville St. (big parking garage), 100 block Park Ave. 

Speeding vehicle: Cannaday St. and Mulberry St.

Suspicious person: 1220 N. Eisenhower Dr. (Sams Club) 

Suspicious vehicle: 811 S. Kanawha St. (Rescare)

Traffic stop: 500 S. Kanawha St. (WVU Tech), 100 bock Central Ave., 100 bock S. Kanawha St., 1114 Harper Rd. (Pagoda Motel), 2301 S. Fayette St., Robert C. Byrd Dr. and Johnston St., 3025 Robert C. Byrd Dr. (KFC), 100 block Morris Ave.

Unwanted person: 2306 S. Kanawha St., 404 3rd Ave. (Little General), 103 S. Eisenhower Dr. (Pine Haven) 

Vehicle disabled: 4300 block Robert C. Byrd Dr.

Vin verify: 702 Johnstown Rd. (Laxton’s Wrecker Service)

Raleigh County Sheriffs Department

No report sent

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