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The following is a list of incidents reported to police agencies Aug. 10; the call may have resulted in something other than what was originally reported.

Beckley Police Department

Burglary not in progress: 501 Neville St.

Business check: 2893 Robert C. Byrd Drive (3)

Check welfare: Harper Road, Neville Street, Robert C. Byrd Drive, 2893 Robert C. Byrd Drive, 122 Sandstone Drive

Civil matter: 501 Neville St. (2)

Destruction of property: 222 Hargrove St., 107 John St.

Disturbance: 222 Hargrove St., Rails to Trails

Domestic: 105 Combs St., 1732 Harper Road, South Heber Street, Johnstown Road

Drug violation in progress: 109 1/2 Austin Ave., 2930 Robert C. Byrd Drive

Fight in progress: 1909 Harper Road

Foot patrol: Neville Street

Harassment: 613 S. Fayette St.

Larceny: 108 S. Eisenhower Drive, 2978 Robert C. Byrd Drive, 367 Sunset Drive

Loitering: 2893 Robert C. Byrd Drive

Magistrate detail: 222 Main St.

Motor vehicle accident leaving the scene: 204 Elkins St.

911 hangup: 113 Campbell St.

Noise complaint: Reservoir Road

Parking complaint: 122 Granville Ave.

Possible DUI: 1914 Harper Road, South Eisenhower Drive

Reckless driver: Neville Street

Residential/commercial alarm: 404 Allen Ave., 204 Beckley Ave., 700 S. Oakwood Ave., 4303 Robert C. Byrd Drive (2)

Robbery in progress: 4140 Robert C. Byrd Drive

Shoplifting: 1408 N. Eisenhower Drive, 2970 Robert C. Byrd Drive

Shots fired: Hargrove Street, Orchard Avenue

Shots fired follow-up: 501 Neville St.

Special assignment: Allen Avenue, Appalachian Drive, Central Avenue, City Avenue (2), 306 N. Eisenhower Drive, 1048 N. Eisenhower Drive, 1210 N. Eisenhower Drive, 1330 N. Eisenhower Drive, Falcon Circle, South Fayette Street, Hager Street, 1920 Harper Road, South Heber Street, Hylton Lane, Larew Avenue (2), Main Street, Myers Avenue (2), 503 Neville St., Neville Street, 212 Park Ave., Prince Street (3), Rails to Trails (4), 2893 Robert C. Byrd Drive, Tolbert Street, Vine Street, Walker Avenue, Wildwood Avenue, Woodcrest Drive

Suspicious person: South Heber Street, Neville Street, Prince Street, Rails to Trails, Rural Acres Drive

Suspicious vehicle: South Eisenhower Drive, Neville Street

Threats: Neville Street

Traffic stop/DUI: 2800 block Robert C. Byrd Drive

Unwanted presence: 214 Crawford St.

Raleigh County Sheriff's Office

Breaking and entering: Crab Orchard, Grandview

Check welfare: Beaver, Bradley, MacArthur (2), Shady Spring

Disturbance: Beckley, Bradley, Ghent, Glen Morgan, Harper Heights, Prosperity

Domestic: Beckley, Bradley (2), Crab Orchard, Mabscott

Extra patrol: Cool Ridge

Intoxicated driver: Daniels

Larceny: Mabscott

Motor vehicle accident: Beaver, Crab Orchard (2), Daniels, Prosperity

Reckless driver: Beaver, Coal City

Suspicious person: Beckley, Mabscott, MacArthur

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