The following calls were made to police agencies on Sept. 13; however, the call may have resulted in something other than what was originally reported.


Beckley Police Department

Assault already occurred: Robert C. Byrd Drive

Attempt to serve warrant: Mills Avenue

Breaking and entering not in progress: South Oakwood Avenue, Beckley Avenue

Burglar alarm: Mallard Court

Business check: 2893 Robert C. Byrd Drive (Sheetz) (2)

Check welfare: Rails to Trails, North Eisenhower Drive

Customer complaint: 700 block Johnstown Road

Deceased/find body: South Heber Street

Disturbance: 100 block Broadway Street

Foot patrol: 500 block Neville Street, Neville Street

Found property: Beckley Avenue, Nebraska Avenue

Intruder: Hager Street

K9 unit: 2100 Harper Road (Go-Mart)

Loud music/noise: 100 block Wildwood Avenue

Magistrate detail: 222 Main St.

Motor vehicle accident: 100 block Clarence W. Meadows Memorial Boulevard, 400 block Neville Street

Noise complaint: 100 block Combs Street

Panhandling: Harper Road

Prostitution: Harper Road

Radar patrol: 100 block Mercer Street

Reckless driver: 300 block Robert C. Byrd Drive

Special assignment: 300 block Neville Street, Rails to Trails, 100 block Central Avenue, 400 block Neville Street, Bostic Avenue/South Kanawha Street, South Fayette Street, 1909 Harper Road (Econolodge), 100 block Howard Avenue, 510 Ewart Ave. (Willbrian Apts.), 100 block South Heber Street

Suspicious activity: Vine Street, Wickham Avenue, Quarry Street/Chestnut Street

Suspicious person: Robert C. Byrd Drive (2), Robert C. Byrd Drive/Ellison Avenue, Robert C. Byrd Drive, Prince Street/North Fayette Street, Hylton Lane, Third Avenue/Second Street

Threats: South Vance Drive

Traffic light problem: Pikeview Drive/Harper Road

Traffic stop: North Kanawha Street/Croft Street, 1700 block Harper Road, Ragland Road/North Eisenhower Drive

Unconscious/syncope: Earwood Street

Unwanted person: South Eisenhower Drive

Violation of domestic violence petition: South Fayette Street

• • •

Raleigh County Sheriff’s Office

Disturbance: Mabscott, Beaver, Calloway Heights, Raleigh, Harper Heights 

Fight: Amigo

Motor vehicle accident: Beaver, Eccles, Cabell Heights

Reckless driver: Daniels, Grandview

Shoplifting: MacArthur (2)

Suspicious activity: Shady Spring (2), Beckley

Suspicious person: Dry Hill

Suspicious vehicle: Eccles

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