The following calls were made to police agencies on Sept. 9; however, the call may have resulted in something other than what was originally reported.

Beckley Police Department

911 hang-up: 114 Warren Ave.

Assist other department: 745 S. Kanawha St.

Background investigation: 501 Neville St. (2)

Breaking and entering/not in progress: 250 Stanaford Rd. 

Burglar alarm: 297 Woodcrest Dr., 412 Highland St.

Burglar alarm residential/commercial: 600 Johnstown Rd.

Business check: 2893 Robert C. Byrd Dr. 

Check welfare: 624 Johnstown Rd., Harper Rd., 212 Hargrove St.

Child abuse/neglect: 501 Neville St.

Civil Assist: 501 Neville St. 

Domestic: 134 Beckwood Dr., 303 Woodlawn Ave., 30 Mallard Court

Foot patrol: Neville Street (2)

Found property: Neville Street

Intoxicated person: E. Main Street

Juvenile problems: 501 Neville St., 412 Lewis Ritchie Dr.

Larceny: 133 Beckley Crossing, Center Street 

Magistrate Detail: 222 Main St. (2) 

Mail Run: 501 Neville St.

Motor vehicle accident: Harper Road

Motor vehicle accident/private lot: Johnstown Road 

Noise complaint: S. Kanawha Street

Noise/loud music: Reservoir Road

Overdose: Nebraska Avenue

Panic alarm: Woodcrest Drive

Parking complaint: Woodlawn Avenue

Possible DUI: 1104 N. Eisenhower Dr.

Prowler: 209 Springdale Ave.

Pursuit: S. Heber Street

Radar Patrol: Beckley By Pass 

Shoplifting: Beckley Plaza

Special assignment: S. Kanawha Street, Willow Lane, Beckley Plaza, 3rd Avenue, 2893 Robert C. Byrd Dr., Robert C. Byrd Drive, Neville Street (2), 9th Street, S. Fayette Street, F Street, Earwood Street (3), Antonio Avenue, Rails to Trails (3), Prince Street, Patch Street (2), City Avenue, Beckwood Drive, Cranberry Pointe Way, Heber Street, Woodlawn Avenue, Main Street 

Stolen Vehicle: Beckwood Drive

Suspicious activity: Sisson Street, Ewart Avenue

Suspicious person: Johnstown Road, 222 Hargrove St., Harper Road 

Tobacco violation: 401 Grey Flats Rd.

Towed vehicle: Garfield Street

Traffic stop: Robert C. Byrd Drive

Vagrant: Garfield Street

Vehicle disabled: Clayton Street 

Raleigh County Sheriff’s Office

Barking dog: Mt. Tabor

Breaking and entering: Harper Heights

Fraud: Beckley, Cool Ridge

Intoxicated person: Bradley, MacArthur 

Larceny: Daniels

Motor vehicle accident: MacArthur, Beaver, Daniels 

Prowler: Beaver (2)

Shoplifting: MacArthur

Speeding vehicles: Rock Creek

Suspicious person: Blue Jay

Suspicious vehicle: Jonben

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