The following calls were made to police agencies on Oct. 17; however, the call may have resulted in something other than what was originally reported.


Beckley Police Department

Attempt to serve warrant: Purity Hill Loop

Breaking and entering not in progress: Adair Street

Burglar alarm: North Eisenhower Drive, Rural Acres Drive, 201 Templeview Drive (United Methodist Temple)

Burglary not in progress: Sandstone Drive

Business check: 1900 block Harper Road

Check welfare: 700 block Maxwell Hill Road, 4200 block Robert C. Byrd Drive, Teel Road

Civil matter: 1900 block Harper Road

Disturbance: Burgess Street, Harper Road, Johnstown Road

Domestic: 501 Neville St. (Beckley Police Department), Woodlawn Avenue

Fight: North Eisenhower Drive

Follow-up call: Hull Street

Found property: Walnut Street/Cherry Street

Harassment: Mills Avenue, 1881 Robert C. Byrd Drive (Walmart in MacArthur)

Loud music/noise: South Oakwood Avenue, Reservoir Road, Sheridan Avenue/Temple Street

Magistrate detail: 222 Main St. (2)

Motor vehicle accident with injury: 4000 block Robert C. Byrd Drive

Motor vehicle accident leave the scene: Neville Street/Robert C. Byrd Drive

911 hangup: South Fayette Street

Person down: 1408 N. Eisenhower Drive (Sheetz), 100 block North Heber Street, Robert C. Byrd Drive

Prowler: Seventh Street

Shoplifting: 1330 N. Eisenhower Drive (Walmart) (2), Harper Road, Robert C. Byrd Drive

Shots fired: 400 block Lewis Ritchie Drive

Special assignment: 100 block Beckley Crossing (2), Beckley Plaza, 1048 N. Eisenhower Drive (Kohl's department store), 1220 N. Eisenhower Drive (Sam's Club), 1300 block North Eisenhower Drive, 1330 N. Eisenhower Drive (Walmart), 510 Ewart Ave. (Willbrian Apartments), 2000 block South Fayette Street, South Fayette Street (2), 200 Galleria Plaza (Marquee Cinemas), 100 block Grant Street, 100 block Granville Avenue, 1900 block Harper Road (2), 100 block Lewis Ritchie Drive, 400 block Neville Street, 500 block Neville Street, 100 block East Prince Street, 200 block East Prince Street, Rails to Trails, 2893 Robert C. Byrd Drive (Sheetz) (2), 100 block Westwood Drive, Woodcrest Drive/Mallard Court, 1000 block Woodlawn Avenue

Suspicious package: 4200 block Robert C. Byrd Drive

Suspicious person: North Eisenhower Drive, Harper Road, Robert C. Byrd Drive

Traffic stop: 300 Clarence W. Meadows Memorial Blvd., 800 block North Eisenhower Drive, 1408 N. Eisenhower Drive (Sheetz), Harper Road, Park Avenue/Third Avenue

Transport prisoner: 501 Neville St. (Beckley Police Department)

Unresponsive: Hager Street

Vehicle towed: 300 block East C Street

Warrant served: 1330 N. Eisenhower Drive (Walmart) (2)


Raleigh County Sheriff's Office

Burglary: Hinton

Destruction of property: Crow

Disturbance: Beaver (2), Beckley Junction, Bradley, Coal City, Daniels, Eccles

Motor vehicle accident: Beaver

Shoplifting: Bradley

Stolen property: East Gulf

Suspicious activity: Arnett, Beaver, Coal City

Suspicious person: Daniels, Prosperity

Unwanted person: Beaver

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