The following calls were made to police agencies on Oct. 15; however, the call may have resulted in something other than what was originally reported.


Beckley Police Department

Burglar alarm: Bailey Avenue

Burglary in progress: Lee Street

Check welfare: South Oakwood Avenue, Lauren Avenue, 1408 N. Eisenhower Drive (Sheetz), South Kanawha Street/Johnstown Road

Child abuse/neglect: 4261 Robert C. Byrd Drive (United National Bank)

Civil matter: Wilson Street

Destruction of property: Teel Road

Disturbance: 4277 Robert C. Byrd Drive (Gabe's), 306 Stanaford Road (BARH) 

Domestic: 501 Neville St. (Beckley Police Department)

Drug investigation: 600 block South Fayette Street

Drug violation not in progress: South Fayette Street

Domestic violence petition served: 103 S. Eisenhower Drive

Four-wheeler: 100 block Woodcrest Drive

Harassing phone call: 510 Ewart Ave. (Willbrian Apts.)

Harassment: Hart Street

Hit and run: 2000 block Harper Road

IIntoxicated person: East Prince Street/Johnstown Road

Intruder: Lewis Street

Joyriding: King Street

K9 unit: 1800 block Sweeneysburg Road

Loud music/noise: Reservoir Road, 510 Ewart Ave. (Willbrian Apts.)

Magistrate detail: 222 Main St. (2)

Mail run: 501 Neville St. (Beckley Police Department)

Missing person: 105 Sandstone Drive

Motor vehicle accident in parking lot: 2000 block Harper Road

Motor vehicle accident with injury: 1000 block North Eisenhower Drive

Noise complaint: Reservoir Road

Prowler: Laurel Terrace

Reckless driver: 100 block Bostic Avenue

Shoplifting: 745 S. Kanawha St. (Corner Shop), 1330 N. Eisenhower Drive (Walmart)

Special assignment: 100 block Lewis Ritchie Drive, 1939 Harper Road, 2014 Harper Road (Super 8 Hotel), 340 Prince St., 1210 N. Eisenhower Drive (Lowes), 100 block Lewis Ritchie Drive, 100 block Granville Avenue, Rails to Trails, 100 block Beckley Plaza, 212 Park Ave. (Park Middle School), 401 Grey Flats Road (Beckley Stratton Middle School), 100 block Beckley Crossing, 100 block Vine Street, 400 block Lewis Ritchie Drive (2)

Stolen vehicle: Paint Street

Suspicious person: 200 block N. Eisenhower Drive, 500 block South Kanawha Street

Threats: Teel Road

Traffic stop: G Street/Cannaday Street, 3281 Robert C. Byrd Drive (Captain D's), 3400 block Robert C. Byrd Drive (2), Robert C. Byrd Drive/Locust Street, 3000 block Robert C. Byrd Drive (3), 801 N. Kanawha St. (Beckley Newspapers), 3133 Robert C. Byrd Drive (Little General), 306 Stanaford Road (BARH), 2900 block Robert C. Byrd Drive, 400 block Neville Street, 995 S. Eisenhower Drive (Dollar General), Neville Street/Third Avenue, Robert C. Byrd Drive/South Oakwood Avenue (2), 300 block Stanaford Road, Johnstown Road/Temple Street, Robert C. Byrd Drive/City Avenue, 4400 block Robert C. Byrd Drive, 1210 N. Eisenhower Drive (Lowes)

Unwanted person: 200 Galleria Plaza (Marquee Cinemas), 105 Sandstone Drive (Greenbrier Estates), Beckley Plaza

Vehicle assist: 1800 block Harper Road

• • •

Raleigh County Sheriff’s Office

Abandoned vehicle: Sullivan

ATVs: Daniels

Breaking and entering: Cool Ridge

Burglary: Beaver

Destruction of property: Beaver

Disturbance: Shady Spring, Beckley (2), Stanaford (2), Harper

Joyriding: Shady Spring

Litter: Coal City

Lost property: MacArthur

Motor vehicle accident: Ameagle, Dry Hill, Beaver (2)

Reckless driver: Surveyor

Shots fired: Cranberry, Clear Creek, Cool Ridge

Stolen property: MacArthur

Suspicious activity: Beckley, Dry Hill, Sullivan, Daniels

Suspicious person: Shady Spring, Calloway Heights

Threats: Sprague

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