The following calls were made to police agencies on Nov. 23; however, the call may have resulted in something other than what was originally reported.


Beckley Police Department

Abandoned vehicle: Ninth Street

Breaking and entering not in progress: City Avenue

Burglar alarm: Grey Flats Road (2), Maplewood Lane, Olympia Drive, North Eisenhower Drive

Burglary not in progress: Wilson Street, Springdale Avenue

Business check: Harper Road (Little Brick House)

Check welfare: Valley Road, South Oakwood Avenue/Walker Avenue

Civil matter: Mercer Street

Destruction of property: Ellison Avenue

Disturbance: City Avenue

Domestic: Beckley Avenue

Harassment: Knolls Drive

Loud music/noise: 100 block Mason Street, Reservoir Road

Mail run: 501 Neville St. (Beckley Police Department)

Motor vehicle accident: Scott Avenue/Saunders Avenue, 700 block South Eisenhower Drive

Panic/hold alarm: Harper Road

Runaway juvenile: Eagles Road

Sexual assault not in progress: Teel Road

Shoplifting: 1330 N. Eisenhower Drive (Walmart), Nell Jean Square

Special assignment: Third Avenue, 100 block Hargrove Street, 1330 N. Eisenhower Drive (Walmart) (3), 100 block South Fayette Street, 245 Wilkes Parkway (YMCA soccer complex), 100 block Pinewood Drive, 100 block Mool Avenue, 1210 N. Eisenhower Drive (Lowe's) (2), 1220 N. Eisenhower Drive (Sam's Club) (2), 100 block Antonio Avenue, 1000 block Maxwell Hill Road, 100 block Hartley Avenue, New Jersey Avenue, 300 block Ellison Avenue

Stolen property: North Highland Drive

Structure fire: 3600 block Robert C. Byrd Drive

Suspicious activity: Lancaster Street, 400 Stanaford Road (Woodrow Wilson High School), East Prince Street, Crescent Road

Suspicious person: Earwood Street

Threats: Harper Road (Pagoda Motel)

Transport prisoner: Prince Street

Traffic stop: South Fayette Street (2), 400 block Prince Street, 800 block North Eisenhower Drive, 300 block Ragland Road

• • •

Raleigh County Sheriff’s Office

Burglary: Shady Spring, Pluto, Dry Hill (2), Mount Tabor

Disturbance: Daniels (2), Sophia, Beaver (2), Mabscott, Glen Daniel, Shady Spring

Larceny: Beaver

Motor vehicle accident: Shady Spring, Tams, Cool Ridge, Hinton

Shoplifting: MacArthur (2), Rock Creek 

Suspicious person: Shady Spring 

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