CHARLESTON — Did you know that a West Virginia company makes 1 million marbles a day and ships them around the world? Did you know that another West Virginia company is the world’s largest producer of phosphite polymer additives used in the plastics industry?

Marble King in Paden City is one of two marble producers in the United States. The million-a-day the company manufactures are used for board games, pieces of art and marble tournaments all over the globe.

Crompton Corp. in Morgantown produces more phosphite polymer additives used to prevent cracking and discoloration of plastic during the manufacturing process than any company in the world.

These two companies were just a small sample of West Virginia products and services that were on display at the state Capitol Tuesday for the sixth Industries of the Future-West Virginia Day.

“Industries of the Future-West Virginia Day at the Capitol puts a focus on West Virginia University’s unique partnership with the West Virginia Development Office to help energy-intensive manufacturers be more energy efficient,” said Carl Irwin, IOF-WV co-director. “The event is informal, fun, and is a great networking opportunity.”

Irwin is also division director of industrial program development and a professor in the math department at WVU.

Irwin said some 33 leaders of industry, academia and government joined together to discuss how the state can create industry advantages in energy and technology for in-state companies.

“West Virginia is considered an energy state,” Irwin said. “We want to look at how we can all pull together to create advantages for our in-state companies when it comes to energy and technology use.”

Other companies featured at the event included Dyna-Tech Adhesives in Grafton, which makes environmentally benign, pressure-sensitive adhesives used on postage stamps and labels for glass, plastic and rubber surfaces. Dyna-Tech is the largest U.S. producer of rubber-based, pressure-sensitive adhesives, and supplies and provides 95 percent of the domestic market for adhesives for rubber tire labels.

Special Metals Corp. in Huntington had an exhibit at the event. The company is the largest U.S. producer of nickel-base, “super” alloys used for applications in harsh corrosive environments such as jet engines, chemical plants, power plants and oil refineries.

Alcan-Pechiney in Ravenswood also had an exhibit. The company has the world’s largest “plate stretcher” used for making aerospace-grade, high-strength aluminum alloy plate used in aerospace applications such as the F-16 fighter jet, the EU’s Airbus, the NASA Space Station and the space shuttle booster rockets.

Industries of the Future-West Virginia is a state version of a national program developed through the U.S. Department of Energy’s Industrial Technologies Program.

Irwin said West Virginia initiated the nation’s first state Industries of the Future program in 1997.

“The program forms partnerships between West Virginia companies, WVU researchers and national laboratories to address the energy and waste concerns of state energy-intensive industries,” Irwin said.

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