Fall is here, and pumpkin spice everything is being ushered in.

Amy Floyd, an Oak Hill native living in Daniels, has made something unique to get locals ready for the most beautiful season in southern West Virginia.

How about some frosted Pumpkin Doughnuts, Pumpkin Snickerdoodle Cookies, Pumpkin Pecan Pie or Caramel Pumpkin Fudge to get you in the mood?

It’s not what you think, though.

Although every one of these creative concoctions looks (and smells) good enough to eat, they’re not edible. They’re soy wax melts Floyd has created for her home-based business, Amy’s Heavenly Candle Melts.

Floyd invested several thousand dollars to get her online business going out of her Raleigh County home.

It opened in March 2020.

The idea came about years ago when Floyd’s family was suffering from allergies.

Like most households, Floyd’s family burned candles often and was surprised to learn that they could be triggering her family’s health issues.

“Everyone wants their house to smell good, but I got sick from every kind of candle I used,” says Floyd.

“At the time, my middle son’s pediatrician also said that it was probably the paraffin candles causing his allergies.”

That’s when Floyd discovered soy-based wax.

“I did research on a type of wax that didn’t affect allergies. I compared paraffin and soy,” she said.

“Soy wax is so much more expensive, but it’s absolutely worth a penny, so I ordered a 10-pound box anyway and I started practicing with little small samples.”

For the first time ever, Floyd says, the burning fragrance didn’t affect her family’s allergies, so she decided to further test her business idea.

“I learned from experience that the smell would fade, and you’d have to put in another melt,” she says.

Floyd said if she was going to do this, she wanted her melts to look and smell good but also be long-lasting.

A lot of people will go with an overpowering scent, but it will disappear,” she says. “If it didn’t last three days, I started all over.”

From there Amy’s Heavenly Candle Melts was born.

The soy melts are designed to be heated in a wax burner to create an aroma similar to a traditional candle.

Floyd says her locally made melts are better than anything you will find on the market.

Her creativity has clearly already garnered people’s attention, as she’s already shipping to customers in 27 states.

The business started with 25 scents and has grown to 54 scents.

They offer a new melt each month, and they also release special lines often, like the West Virginia State Fair line which launched in August.

The fair line is full of offerings like Caramel Kettle Corn melts, which are kettle corn-shaped melts with a caramel-colored drizzle on top, and Sticky Maple Bun melts – which are mini cinnamon bun-shaped melts with a sweet-smelling glaze drizzled on top.

Let’s not forget about the Funnel Cakes, which are exactly like their name says – mini knot-shaped look-alike funnel cakes with faux white powdered sugar sprinkled on top.

If none of those fit your fancy, how about Fair Lemonade, Cotton Candy, or Candy Apple?

The entire line was a huge hit, according to Floyd.

Nearly all of Floyd’s melts have a unique shape, drizzle, and toppings.

For instance, the Vanilla Waffle Cone melt is shaped like a waffle and is topped off with a creamy-looking glaze drizzle.

The Banana Nut Cookie melts look good enough to eat thanks to their authentic-looking shaped brown nuts on top.

Floyd says her cookie melts are some of her favorites to make.

“My Blueberry Banana Cookie and Glazed Oatmeal Cookie are my top cookie sellers,” Floyd said.

Floyd says her wheels are always spinning to come up with the next fan favorite.

“I’m a designer by trade,” Floyd said. “A lot of people use soy wax and it’s just white because they can’t figure out how to make or practice a clean, skin safe fragrance,” she said. “I use very skin-safe ingredients. It won’t irritate your skin or eyes.”

The idea for creative shapes originated from Floyd’s Aunt Shirley, who she says used to buy her fun little shaped soaps as a child.

“I thought why couldn’t I do that with melts,” she said. “I also wanted to do something that nobody else could do. The UPS and FedEx people tell me they can smell my business on the outside,” she said, laughing.

When it comes to generating new ideas for melts, Floyd says she never knows where her next scent idea will come from.

For instance, her Orange Dreamsicle melt, which was a popular sweetly aromatic summer melt, left a touch of fragrance on the mold she uses to shape other designs.

“I was pouring in my coffee scent to make my Cup of Joe melts in the same mold, and it had some of the dreamsicle aroma, so now we have Sherbet Café melts,” she said.

Another way she tests new scents is as simple as a Q-Tip and a small plastic zipper bag.

“I put them on Q-Tips and leave it in there for a week. If I open the bag and like it after a week, I’ll add the scent,” she said.

While Floyd is humble about how quickly her business has taken off, she doesn’t deny that she’s busy.

“I sold 1,800 bags of melts in a weekend and I now work 12- to 14-hour days,” she said. “I have several family members helping me package the items, but nobody knows my recipe.”

Floyd says that her goal is to sell wax melts in all 55 counties in West Virginia and eventually in every state in America.

While she ships everywhere, she also offers porch pick-up for locals to save them on shipping.

“I’m a giver. I’m a hard worker,” says Floyd. “Our main goal is to keep a smile on everyone’s face.”

For more information or to place an order, visit www.amysheavenlycandlemelts.com.

You can also find them on Facebook at Furnishing with Style and Scents.

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