The Beckley area now has a full-service pool and spa company – Aquality Pools, Spas and Stoves in MacArthur – thanks to a local couple who saw a need.

The idea came about three years ago when Tom Shupe, of Beckley, purchased a home that had a pool and spa that both needed service work.

“We really couldn’t find anyone locally to work on them because they hadn’t been installed by them,” his wife Laura Shupe explained. “We found a company away from here and we decided it was a needed market in this area.”

After meeting Herb Chancellor, a 30-year pool and spa expert in Charleston, the Shupes decided to open Aquality Pools, Spas and Stoves with Chancellor as their business partner and Philip Allen, another 20-year pool industry veteran, as their service manager.

Chancellor was working in Charleston at a pool store and had been looking to go out on his own.

In his career, he said he’s found that a lot of pool companies will only service a product if you purchase it from them. Aquality says their niche is that they will work on any brand pool or hot tub, regardless of where it was purchased. They also say they can get parts for any brand pool or hot tub.

“We pretty much do everything from painting all the way to liners and above- and in-ground installs,” Chancellor said. “We also do service contracts – commercial and residential. We will come out weekly and maintain the pool and spa and take care of the chemicals, cleaning, and pump and filter repairs.”

Aquality says their $3,000 water lab machine can get any pool or spa to the perfect chemical balance. The high-tech machine spins water and uses light to read chemical levels, giving them an accurate reading level down to the part per million.

“All water is breeding bacteria,” said store manager Steven Flannery.

“Just because your pool or hot tub is clear doesn’t mean it’s clean. You can’t see bacteria. We determine the proper chemical balance needed and can adjust the water levels accordingly to swimming standard.”

Flannery says chemical balance is extremely important and over-treating a pool can damage a pool liner and equipment.

“It’s almost summertime and everyone has a lot going on. They’ve got time to use the pool and maybe not time to treat the pool,” Flannery said.

“We can do that for them. It gives people more peace of mind that their pool is going to be right and ready to swim in.”

• • •

In addition to selling and servicing Radiant Pools, various other manufactured pools and Sundance Spas, the new business also sells chicken coops, dog kennels, grills, stoves, and a wide variety of Amish-made wooden and poly furniture including swings, gliders, tables and chairs and outdoor sheds.

Rick Shupe, salesman for Aquality Pools, Spas and Stoves, says the outdoor sheds are affordable and made to last. Rick and his counterpart, Rodney Lewis, former owner of the Amish Barn, are both said to be area experts in Amish-made products.

“They’re built the old-fashioned way,” Rick said. “They have a three-quarter-inch tongue and groove, T&G engineered flooring and plywood with pressure-treated floor joist.”

All the buildings are customizable with a variety of color and siding options.

“A lot of people are purchasing these bigger buildings for hunting and fishing camps,” Rick said. “They’re all Amish-made. The Amish-made stuff high-quality is built to last.”

• • •

Aquality Pools, Spas and Stoves owner Tom Shupe says the public has been very receptive since their grand opening earlier this month.

“I have run a service-oriented company for the past 35 years,” Tom said. “I understand people’s needs and wants and we will work hard to satisfy every customer.”

Aquality Pools, Spas and Stoves is at 2040 Robert C. Byrd Drive in the old Amish Barn in MacArthur.

For more information, visit them on Facebook or or call 304-860-1977.

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