Family Nurse Practitioner and certified Infusionist Robin Chianumba demonstrates a mock IV infusion treatment on office administrator Jennifer Harvey at the Stanaford Infusion Clinic in Beckley. The clinic offers an alternative setting for patients to receive prescribed IV medications outside of a hospital or emergency room.

While IV-administered fluids and antibiotics are often a service one associates with a hospital, patients are seldom aware that they have another option for how to receive these treatments in the Beckley area.

Family Nurse Practitioner Robin Chianumba has a health care distinction shared by only eight others in the state, and one that most people have probably never heard of; she’s a certified infusionist.

With her special distinction, Chianumba runs Stanaford Infusion Clinic, an office where prescribed patients can receive IV medications and other IV drugs in an alternative setting to the usual emergency room wait.

“We provide a warm, homey and family-friendly environment versus the hospital setting,” Chianumba said.

As the only clinic of its kind in southern West Virginia, Stanaford Infusion Clinic has four treatment rooms which afford patients a quiet and relaxing experience, with typically no wait involved.

Chianumba says the clinic sees an average of 10 to 20 doctor-referred patients each day. Patients can be as young as 8 years old, and ambulatory, or walking, elderly patients are encouraged to consider the clinic’s services as an alternative to nursing home care.

“Some elderly people are in nursing homes just in order to receive IV medications, and could instead be using the outpatient services of our clinic,” said Chianumba.  

The clinic also provides services for patients who do not meet homebound requirements, as well as offering IV infusions for patients with certain neurological disorders or those with osteoporosis, Chianumba said.

Chianumba asserts that the clinic is more time- and cost-efficient than hospital stays, as most major insurance companies are accepted.

Infusions range from 30 minutes to three hours in length, and patients can sit back and watch TV while waiting. Lunch is provided for patients with longer infusions.

In cases where a patient receives a prescription from their health care provider for IV therapy, they can call the clinic to make an appointment or just walk in.

Prospective patients or health care providers can call 304-860-1446 for more information on Stanaford Infusion Services at 269 Stanaford Road, located just across the street from Beckley Appalachian Regional Hospital.

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