Lockbridge Pottery show slated for Aug. 23-24

Submitted photoJeff Diehl, an award-winning master potter, will host a studio show Aug. 23-24 at his shop, Lockbridge Pottery, which is located at 4975 Lockbridge Road in Meadow Bridge

Jeff Diehl is busy in his studio at Lockbridge Pottery preparing for his next studio show to be held Aug. 23 from 4-8 p.m., and Aug. 24 from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. The studio in Summers County is just off of Interstate 64 between Beckley and Lewisburg at the Meadow Bridge (143) exit.

Diehl wiped the clay off his hands and took a few minutes to answer some questions.

What is your hope for

the pots that you make?

I hope that they will be enjoyed while being used. Use or function can include decorating a wall or table or sitting on a table filled with food or flowers. I do understand that there is a certain risk of breakage when pots are used. I also have pots that I hesitate to use.

However, I always find that using the “precious” ones provides a joyful experience. I do hope that my pots will be considered special or precious, and if treated with care, they will last for generations.

What is your greatest

challenge in working

with clay?

My greatest challenge is convincing people that using handmade pottery will improve the quality of their lives.

The saying from the 70’s, “Try it, you will like it” sounds cheesy, but usually when people do try using any type of quality handmade work, they appreciate the craftsmanship and the love that are put into the making.

When working on the

wheel, how do you know

when the pot is finished?

My hands tell the clay my plan. Then the clay has its own notion of what it wants to be when it grows up.

Together we explore the possibilities and when we come to an agreement, I then know that the pot is completed.

What activities and different pots should we expect to see at the show the weekend

before Labor Day?

This show will provide a chance to make a bowl for the Empty Bowl Project on my potter’s wheel. We will also have the Raku kiln set up to fire small vases that customers decorate.

I’ve had a great summer exploring some new ideas including fountains and fanciful teapots. We will have a broad range of decorative and functional pots including mugs, teapots, coffee pots, pitchers, bowls of all shapes and sizes, serving trays, chip and dips, olive oil decanters, dinnerware, as well as crystal trays and puzzle mugs.

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