The Raleigh County Commission will meet on Tuesday, Aug. 4, at 10 a.m. in regular session at the Chamber site located at 116 1/2 N. Heber Street, Beckley.

The agenda includes:

1. Call to order

2. Roll call

3. Invocation

4. Pledge of Allegiance

5. New business

5.1. Exonerations

5.2. Budget revisions

5.3. Employee transfer - Jimmy Suttle - County Commission - janitorial staff to maintenance

5.4 Employee transfer - Isac Lilly - County Commission - maintenance staff to garage staff

5.5 New employee - Theresa Brown - County Commission - janitorial staff

5.6 Open bids - Courthouse electrical upgrade

5.7 County Clerk;'s office - Adopt emergency rehabilitation project funding - $83,445.13 from the County Commission's Recreation Authority Capital Improvement Fund

5.8 Approve Lake Stephens Dam rehabilitation project funding

5.7 Discussion/approval, payment in lieu of taxes agreement by and between Raleigh Solar I, LLC and the Raleigh County Commission, Sheriff of Raleigh County and Assessor of Raleigh County

5.8 Notice of public hearing - road closure, 625 feet of McKinney Hollow Road, Slab Fork District, tax map 3, parcels 80.8 and 80.9

6. Old business

7. Public participation

8. Approval of minutes, vacation orders and final settlements

9. Reports of officers and committees

10. Bills, communications and appointments

11. Receipts and disbursements

12. Adjournment

— — — — —

Per WV Open Meetings Act Opinion 1999-08, it is the opinion of the WV Ethics Commission that allowing citizens to attend a meeting in person is not required if the governing body determines, based upon guidance issued by the federal government, the state of West Virginia, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention or other government agencies authorized to make these types of decisions, that it constitutes a public health risk to allow citizens to attend in person. The governing body may instead provide citizens with a call-in number for a telephonic meeting or provide access via a web link to a livestream of the meeting.

Conference call information

Dial-in number - 978-990-5449

Access code - 623858

Please put the phone on mute.

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