One man is behind bars after police responded to a domestic dispute early Saturday morning, according to Beckley Police.

Police said when they arrived they discovered Larry Gluyas, 44, of Beckley, sitting on the front porch of his Johnstown Road residence. When police tried to speak with Gluyas to determine what had happened, he became uncooperative, combative and had to be restrained, Cpl. Detective. M. G. Bragg said.

While police were restraining Gluyas, they heard crying from inside the residence. After gaining entry, they found a two-week-old infant unattended on a bed, Bragg said.

Although the incident was originally called in by an anonymous third party, Gluyas’ wife also called 911 after reportedly fleeing the home, police said.

“She had run to the Little General on Johnstown Road and called 911,” Bragg said. “After she was informed of our presence, she returned to give her account of what happened.”

Police said Gluyas’ wife told them that after Gluyas struck her with a shotgun, he then aimed at her, while standing in the front yard, and fired the gun.

“She said after she heard the bullet go past her ear, that is when she took off running, fleeing the scene,” Bragg explained.

Police discovered a sawed-off, 22-gauge shotgun and slug round bullets. Bragg explained this type of projectile does not produce a scattered shot.

Gluyas was charged with wanton endangerment, domestic battery, obstructing a police officer and unlawful possession of a firearm, since Gluyas was convicted of a third-degree felony drug charge in another state, police said.

When asked if this would be considered attempted murder, Beckley Police Captain Jeff Shumate responded, “We are working, along with the prosecutor’s office, to determine if other charges should be filed and hope to make that determination in the near future.”

Gluyas was remanded to Southern Regional Jail.

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