When an ex-manager of the Beckley Little Caesars rang up a “pizza, pizza,” he pocketed some of the “money, money,” city police say.

Edward Eugene Fink, 40, of Beckley was arrested last Friday and charged with embezzlement, Cpl. Frank Priddy said. He was later released on bond.

The charges stemmed from an incident on Oct. 26, 2004, when Fink was the general manager of the restaurant, Priddy said. Earlier, the Little Caesars home office had figured that when Fink would be working at the cash register or drive-thru, money would be short compared to what inventory was missing. That day, personnel from the home office set up simultaneous surveillance to find out what was happening.

With binoculars, personnel from the home office watched as Fink handed out food from the drive-thru window, Priddy said. At the same time, someone at the main office was monitoring exactly what he was ringing up. That’s when they caught Fink red-handed and found out how he was making off with the store’s money, Priddy added.

“For example, say someone would buy two pizzas and a drink,” Priddy said. “Well, he would ring up something like a 53-cent garlic butter, which is the cheapest thing they sell.”

The rest of the money was pocketed by Fink, Priddy said.

During that day, the home office discovered 20 transactions fraudulently entered by Fink, and he had made off with $166, Priddy said. He was fired.

Little Caesars home office personnel kept checking through their records to see if they could find any more wrongdoing on Fink’s part, Priddy said. Fink had worked for them about five or six years.

Despite attempts to accumulate more evidence, however, police believe he will only be charged with the embezzling done on Oct. 26, 2004, Priddy said

“Right now, we’re pretty much done,” Priddy said. “... But that money could have really added up. He worked six to seven days a week sometimes.”

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