Ever since Tamarack opened its doors to an eager public more than a decade ago, The Greenbrier has been a fixture in keeping the food court and conference center going.

That partnership could change in the weeks ahead.

Talks are in progress with the world renown resort as the mecca for home-grown artisans changes ownership from the West Virginia Parkways Authority to the state Department of Commerce as part of Gov. Joe Manchin’s decision to narrow the scope of the Turnpike’s governing board.

“We’re in negotiations with them, looking at restructuring the contract a bit and adjusting the scope of services, with hopes of reducing the fee structure somewhat in the process of what we pay The Greenbrier,” Turnpike Manager Greg Barr said Thursday after the authority’s monthly meeting at Tamarack.

After 10 years of doing business with the White Sulphur Springs resort, Barr said the board felt it was time to take a long look at the contract, and now that Tamarack is getting a new owner, that only made the timing more appropriate.

“There have been a lot of changes at The Greenbrier, too, in management and kind of a redirection,” Barr said.

Barr acknowledged the new proprietors at the Department of Commerce might want to narrow the services the resort provides at Tamarack.

“We just think things have matured a bit here,” he said.

“When we first opened, our staff hadn’t had any experience with running a food court, running a conference center. And now we’re maturing through the process. We think there’s possibilities where we don’t need as much supervision by The Greenbrier. And therefore, changing the scope a bit may in fact lower the fees.”

Above all, he said, Tamarack is obligated to maintain the quality The Greenbrier expects.

“We have to make sure that whatever changes we make, we’re protecting the name of The Greenbrier. We want to benefit from that quality service in food products that The Greenbrier serves.”

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