In association with Social Work Month, Burlington United Methodist Family Services Inc. would like to emphasize a few of its community-based services, which include specialized foster care services, adoption services and Right From the Start.

Specialized foster care services are offered from offices located in Beckley, Grafton and Keyser.

This program serves infants, children and youth in need of care outside of their family of origin through foster homes. Special services are provided for both the child and the foster parents such as training and emergency services to ensure safe and easy transitioning.

For more information on the Specialized Foster Care Services Program or to learn how to become a foster parent to a child in need, please visit or call 1-877-23-CHILD.

Adoption services are offered from offices located in Keyser and Charleston. This program provides opportunities for international, domestic and special needs adoption.

Services provided include home studies, adoptive parent training, post-placement and post-adoption services, and counseling and support services to birth parents and adult adoptees.

Birth parent counseling is also provided as a free and confidential service to birth parents in need of assistance in deciding the best plan for the child, whether they choose to parent or make an adoption plan.

For additional information on the Adoption Services Program, call 800-296-6144 or 800-296-2379. E-mail us at

Right From the Start services is a contracted program through the West Virginia Office of Maternal, Child and Family Health whose goal is to reduce the rate of infant mortality in West Virginia. An array of services is offered to pregnant women and their infants through Burlington’s offices in Beckley and Keyser.

Good prenatal care is promoted through care coordination to insure that pregnant women have access to health care, knowledge of good nutrition, education on health, parenting and related issues, and referral to necessary social services.

Clients access the program through referral from their health care provider and/or through application through their county Department of Health and Human Resources Office.

Raleigh County residents are served by the Beckley office and the counties of Hardy and Mineral are served through the Keyser office.

For more information on the Right From the Start Program, contact Alleda Taylor or Kim McArdle at 304-788-2342.

BFS thanks all the social workers that work with the children, youth and families in these programs.

For more information on Burlington United Methodist Family Services, contact the Foundation Office at 800-969-0079 or visit them on the web at

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