Beckley Police Department officers — and officers outside the department — were pleased with Lt. Tim Deems being selected as the department’s new chief.

“I think the mayor made a terrific choice with Tim Deems,” said Detective Cpl. Frank Priddy of the Beckley Police Department. “He is a good guy, smart and fair. He will do a terrific job.”

Priddy said he and Deems have worked together while they were both road patrol officers, and they have been friends for several years.

“The mayor couldn’t have picked a better chief,” Priddy said. “...He’s a family man, young, and he has good ideas for the future. He relates well to the guys here. He has worked the road, so he understands the issues the younger guys have.”

Cpl. R.E. Redden, a K-9 officer, had Deems as a road patrol supervisor in the past.

“I look forward to working with Chief Deems for the duration of my career,” Redden said. “He will be an excellent chief, and this was a good decision made by the mayor. He’s fair to work with, and he’s fair to both the public and the officers.”

Capt. Greg Tanner, chief of detectives, was also pleased.

“I think he will do an excellent job. He is a very intelligent, hard worker,” Tanner said. “He will do a good job pulling the department together and keeping it going. The mayor had an extremely tough job picking from the candidates he had."

Even three officers who were candidates for the job themselves were pleased with the mayor’s decision.

“If I didn’t get it, Tim Deems would have been my choice,” said Capt. Tomi Peck, supervisor of field operations. “Deems and I ran a shift together at one time. He knows his job.”

“I am very happy for Tim, and he is very capable of leading Beckley P.D. in the direction it needs to go,” said Detective Lt. Jeff Shumate.

Capt. Pat McMillion, road patrol shift supervisor, said he was “not at all” disappointed in not getting the department’s top spot.

“Tim is very intelligent and very efficient,” McMillion said. “He will do what’s right — a fair officer.”

The heads of other Raleigh County law enforcement agencies were pleased.

“He will be an asset to the city of Beckley, and I look forward to working with him,” said Raleigh County Sheriff Danny Moore. “Tim knows we have to work together — especially with homeland security and talks of consolidation with metro government.”

“I’ve known Tim Deems for many years — he’s a hard, dedicated worker,” said Capt. S.F. Van Meter, Troop 6 Commander for the West Virginia State Police. “There’s no doubt in my mind that he will be an outstanding chief. We have a great working relationship with Beckley P.D., as well as the sheriff’s department. The relationship between all three of us will continue to be good.”

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