Jasmine Rannebarger of Beckley wears some of the jewelry available at the new bridal shop.

The bridal gown that’s absolutely stunning on the model in the magazine may be absolutely wrong for you.

Your height, skin color, weight, figure type and age all have a bearing on finding the perfect bridal gown or formal dress.

Here are a few pointers from Jean Skaggs and Jennifer Meadows, owners of Jean Ann’s Bridal and Prom Fashions in Beckley:

- A-line dresses flatter most figures. If the bride and her attendants are all different sizes and have different figure styles, this design can help eliminate the most figure flaws.

- Empire waistlines can be flattering, but see them on all your attendants and make sure the style will not be unflattering for a particular attendant. When you are posing for the wedding photos, you want everyone to look her best.

- Make sure the gown fits properly. If you have to pull at the neckline or squeeze your arms tightly at your sides to keep a strapless gown in place, choose a different style or size. You don’t want to have to be adjusting your dress constantly throughout your wedding, reception or formal event.

- Halter tops can often be a good solution for a bride who’s a little busty. Not only does the halter provide better support. It helps create a slenderizing line that flows from the neckline into the bodice.

- Belts are becoming popular for bridal gowns. Short-waisted women should look for thin, narrow belts or forego this style, particularly if they are short and stocky. A dropped waistline is more figure-flattering for most females.

- Consider the financial situations of each of your attendants and work out an arrangement that doesn’t stretch anyone’s budget excessively. Try to find attendants’ gowns that can be worn for other occasions following the wedding.

- Simple, elegant designs never go out of style.

- Keep skin color and complexions in mind. Pastels look best on blonde and dark-haired ladies with fair complexions. They do not work well for redheads or those with darker complexions. If you do choose pastels, look for rose-petal pinks, light lemon yellows and baby blues. These tones are understated and blend more easily with different skin hues.

- Make sure everyone keeps the appointments for fittings and has alterations made. Last-minute fittings can spell big trouble on your big day.

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