LEWISBURG — Greenbrier County Commissioners briefly dredged up an old grievance while handling routine matters at Tuesday’s regular meeting.

After unanimously agreeing to re-elect Lowell Rose commission president and maintain the status quo in courthouse hours of operation, holidays and meeting dates, the three commissioners turned their attention to committee assignments. Things went smoothly for a few minutes as Rose recited the list of committees and boards on which all three commissioners serve, but when talk moved on to individual assignments, the stage was set for conflict.

Commissioner Tammy Tincher’s list of committees includes 4-H, Greenbrier County Airport Authority, Farmland Protection, and Convention and Visitors Bureau. She showed no inclination to cede any of those assignments to another commissioner.

“I’m very pleased with the committees I am on,” Tincher said. “I’m very involved with all of them.”

Rose’s committees include the Board of Health, Greenbrier Valley Economic Development Corporation (GVEDC), Planning Commission and Region 4. He was, likewise, disinclined to surrender any of his posts, claiming particular dedication to the GVEDC, which is in the midst of a staff transition.

“I prefer staying on those boards at this time, at least until things get settled on economic development,” Rose said.

A motion was made to keep committee assignments unchanged from the current rosters.

But, citing his removal “without cause” from the Airport Authority last March, Commissioner Mike McClung complained that he is no longer the commission’s lone representative on any major board or committee. To rectify the inequity, he requested to take over representation from Tincher on the Farmland Protection Board and from Rose on the GVEDC’s board of directors.

After McClung’s amendment to change those committee assignments was defeated 2 to 1, with the original motion passing by the same tally, Tincher noted that committee assignments are not set in stone.

“Committees can be changed at any time throughout the year,” she said, pointing to last year’s change in the Airport Authority’s representation. “This decision is not something that cannot be changed.”

McClung took exception with Tincher’s characterization of his removal from the Airport Authority last year, a move that he considers a violation of state code.

“Any member can be removed with cause,” he said, emphasizing the “with cause.”

He recapped the kerfuffle that erupted in the wake of his removal from the Airport Authority, including the dueling legal opinions that, by turns, supported or disagreed with the commission’s action.

There was no indication, however, that a legal challenge will be mounted to overturn the vote taken Tuesday to leave current committee assignments in place.

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